Freshy Fresh Roasted

Semi-early Monday morning found me in downtown Oakland California on a photo op for Blue Bottle Coffee Co. They needed some shots of some new stainless equipment, fine. I can do that. The building was easy enough to find and traffic wasn’t too bad, everything was going as planned.
Making my way to the back of the building past a few closed cafes I found James and Jan hard at work putting together an order destined for San Francisco (to a street with no parking meters!). They were clearly busy and I wasn’t, so I stood at the door to watch for moment. Here you see James hunkered in front of the roaster waiting to clear the last batch of beans for the SF order. No kidding. From the roaster, to the bag and out the door THAT very moment.
The next time you make it to the grocery store, Peet’s or Starbuck’s to get your pound of whole bean coffee and it says, “fresh roasted”. Say to yourself, “oh yeah? Right, whatever.”
I’ll bet you a bag of wet marbles they weren’t watched this closely.