6 thoughts on “test

  1. What a scare! I hated Laughing Sal, and I was an adult when I encountered her. WHERE did you get this? My kids were terrified when they met her, too. On the other hand, Mrs. Meathead, I’m glad to see this back up and working. It was generous of Cookiecrumb to give you sanctuary during the down time.

  2. Finally getting back to the real world. My “server” dumped me and I was very unkind to those strange and bizarre voices that told me they were reps for my server and were there to help me. They weren’t and didn’t!!!
    But that is another story.
    Regarding Mrs. Meathead. Gheeeezzzzzz! All I can say is that I am glad your test worked and that Meathenge is back up and functioning.
    Wow! What can we expect next from the apple smokey flavoured baconites division of “THE LAB!”
    Aren’t we all glad we weren’t on the big isle of Hawaii when the 6.7’er hit! Could have been right in the middle of a major bbq-ing adventure. That would have been such a downer!
    Henge! Lock in with Meat and give us some updated pics and text on “What’s Cookin’!”