Hen Cam !!! Watch chickens in their coop, all day all night.

I stumbled across this a month ago, maybe. I figured I’d watch it a while to see if it was active and going to be around a bit. So far, we’re good. At this exact moment, not much is going on. But the view changes and it’s a pretty interractive site. They’re asking for help to name the chicks, neat. And apparently the chickies have laid 187 eggs so far this year!
I think it’s pretty cool. I have it rolling by while I do other things, such as working.

8 thoughts on “Hen Cam !!! Watch chickens in their coop, all day all night.

  1. Well, Biggles — Are they just asleep, or dead? I guess it’s still night-time for them in the UK.

  2. That’s awesome. I think I just heard the ice cream truck go by? The feathered lovelies craned their necks and stood still for a moment.

  3. I cannot get the camera to work. Not in any browser, despite having downloaded the requisite plug-ins. I saw it years ago, but now it doesn’t work.
    Woe is me. I’ll just have to go to Everett Family Farm and see some for myself.

  4. Thanks for spreading the good word about hencam 🙂
    Tana, sorry that you can’t view the cam… Browser plugins can be a pain to get working. There’s a help page on the site that has resolved most issues for viewers (and I think the latest Opera builds come with the required windows media plugin buit-in).
    (on behalf of Milly, Tilly and penny and the chicks)

  5. Hey Neil,
    COOL, thanks for stopping by and you’re most certainly welcome. The chickies are so fun to watch while sitting here in my office. Makes me feel like there’s something nice in the world.