Cook for me! A contest to win The River Cottage Meat Book

On March 28th I announced the Cook for me! contest, and right now is the deadline. Well, I got 1 entry, so far. Am thinking to myself, “Do they not love me?” Well, that’s not possible. I’m the most loved of all! Then I thought, “Maybe they don’t care.” I’m not buying that either, you care. What else in your life could possibly be more important that me?
Taxes !!!
So, let’s reset and take this contest to April 25th, a Friday. OR, if anyone has a better idea for a contest giveaway, I’m all ears. Oh dear, a cross between Hee Haw and something else just popped in to my mind. Eeek!
We’ll let the dust settle and regroup, what you gots?
A hearty Thank You! to Ten Speed Press for sending this book our way.
Note 4/15/2008: Here are the entries!

6 thoughts on “Cook for me! A contest to win The River Cottage Meat Book

  1. I somehow missed this… but I have the perfect dish for you. I am sure you are going to love it :-p
    I will be posting during the weekend and I will send you the entry. We like you and we care, we are just filing stupid taxes :-/ hehehe

  2. This is awesome!! I was just checking here in the event that this may have happened. I have the dish all planned out but have had such a manic time recently I haven’t found the time to create my masterpiece….Now it shall be done!!

  3. I guess I missed my chance….up here in Canada, our taxes are due April 30th.

  4. I just found out about this contest… actually the post is an entry in another contest, but seemed like a good for for this one too. Is that OK? It’s really really good, if that helps. I can fedex you some…

  5. Doc,
    For some reason, your feed dropped out of my RSS reader, and I’d been too busy to notice. D’oh! Did you change your feeds around when you did the (lovely, by the way) redesign? Might there be other MH readers who’ve been missing the boat? ‘Cause really, who doesn’t love to cook meat and win books?
    (It’s a fabulous book, by the way — we’re already making a mess of our copy)

  6. Hey Peter,
    Sure man! I don’t have many rules, no sir.
    Yeah, that’s prolly what happened. And the site isn’t finished, not by a long shot. But my sister is terribly busy and it’s tough finding time.
    If you look on the right, here’s a sign-up thingy and receive Notifications of entries. Sign up!