Pasta Roni, Nature’s Way – Olive Oil & Italian Herb – Um, what?

What.jpgAnd I will, repeat. Uh, whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?
I spied with my little eye, this box on the shelf at our local mega grocer. It’s a convenience food, all ready to shorten the time in the kitchen and feed the brood on the quick & easy. But, like it’s pasta, olive oil and Italian herb. Couldn’t I just take pasta, oilive oil and Italian herb and make my own? Or even do a switchy poo and pull out some French herb? Maybe I should just switch gears and whip out some Hawaiian herb and make it all go away.
Aloha, Biggles

8 thoughts on “Pasta Roni, Nature’s Way – Olive Oil & Italian Herb – Um, what?

  1. Gheezz, Billy, you’ve gone hi-tek with Henge. I was so used to the other site, now I feel like I’ve dialed up Seattle! Well, if this “Pasta-Roni” is really “natural with no preservatives and no artificial anything, it can’t be too bad. Honestly, though, I prefer cooking up my own pasta from scratch and then adding my own herbies and oils that fit that particular meal on that particular day. But, as you point out, this is a quick fix for a busy night for tired and hassled parents who need to feed their brood on the double! Find more items like this, won’tcha, pleezzzz!

  2. I stopped buying boxed pastas because the kids wouldn’t eat them, but I really didn’t like them either. Still like the boxed scalloped potatoes though. My kids complain when I buy chicken with bones in, but man it is so much cheaper. I’ve cooked a lot of chicken this year, gonna find a way to make this work.

  3. Love the new look. I’m a woman who likes to move the furniture around so I say, change is good. Very spiffy.

  4. Many boxed goods are terrible and time saved is meaningless. But one that I’m addicted to is Lundberg’s Creamy Parmesan Risotto. It isn’t as silken as cooked-from-scratch, long-stirred homemade, but it’s damned delicious. It has only good things in the mix. And the Lundbergs are eco-consicous farmers.
    Kids in my family like Annie’s organic mac mixes, too.

  5. even if it’s “natural” I’d still be a bit scared to see the ingredient list on that one – dehydrated olive oil, yikes.

  6. Oh criminy, the boys won’t touch anything that Annie makes, it don’t taste right.
    Oh my, I didn’t think to read the ingredients. Too scary though.

  7. I’ll bet it’s a lot more expensive than plain pasta on which you would pour great olive oil and fresher herbs, too! I’ll bet the ingredient list includes all kinds of nasty stuff – whenever they label it as “natural,” look out!