The Butcher and the Vegetarian – by Tara Austen Weaver (I’m in a book ya foo!)

My copy hasn’t arrived yet, so this isn’t a review. This post is to let you know that Meathenge is in it!
And brother, or sister, it isn’t just a mention, we got an entire chapter! Blown away? I sure as gosh am. 3 years ago Tara contacted me asking for help. She’d always been a vegetarian and her doctor thought some meat might help with her ills. She contacted me, we exchanged a few emails about what she was looking for and what I thought I could provide. Tara mentioned that she was in the beginnings of writing a book and wanted to know if she could interview me while we cooked together. I’m a Leo, it’s all about me and if someone wants an interview? Count me in baby!
I’d been wanting to start up a grilling class, I thought it a perfect time to test my mettle. We set a day and a time, I gave her a few assignments to accomplish before she showed. One of which to spend some time at the butcher, discussing what she wanted to cook and to use his or her knowledge to bring it together. The day came and here’s my account of our afternoon together, A vegetarian reaches out and a grilling class is born. Here is her account of the same day, A visit to the Meathenge.
At least for me, a sleepy 3 years passed. Tara of course had run the gambit of emotions that nearly tore her psyche to shreds. A few weeks ago Shuna and I were exchanging some long needed emails and she mentioned that Tara’s book was out. I ran over there at break-neck speed, sure enough. She did it, she really did it. On that day I figured I got a mention or two, we hadn’t conversed since the class 3 years ago, I had no idea. It wasn’t until I went back the next day and read more on her posting revealing the debut, It’s a book!
Holy crap! Chapter 12: A Visit to the Meathenge. There it was, an entire chapter and check out the other chapters, am in pretty impressive company. I was on cloud 9 for more than a few days, euphoria to say the least. I had no idea. Wow.
As I arrived home each day, planning this post, I was met with more moisture and more mold in my home. It hasn’t been until today I’ve been able to pull myself up enough to string this all together in a somewhat coherent manner.
Here’s her press release for the book with a few more links. If you check out the recipes link, in there you’ll find my grilled bacon “recipe” that I wrote specifically for the release. You’ll also notice that’s my picture there of a bacon rosette! The Butcher and the Vegetarian press release. Since this book is really a big deal, it’s widely available both locally and online. Go now! Go get your copy and support Tara and her endeavors. I wish her nothing but huge amounts of health, money & fame.
xo, Biggles

16 thoughts on “The Butcher and the Vegetarian – by Tara Austen Weaver (I’m in a book ya foo!)

  1. WOW. KEWL! Right there on Amazon, Big Boy. I’m impressed, and I’m going to go out and get me a copy. Congrats to both of you. BC

  2. Can I have my clue card back now? See? There’s Tara, and then there’s TARA. And of course Terra.
    YAY for Meathenge.

  3. Of course you got your own chapter—you’re the man, my friend. BBQ rockstar, for sure.
    I’m just lucky you said yes.
    And of course I have a crush on you—who doesn’t?

  4. We all have crushes on you, in case you were wondering. And I’d be the first student to sign up for the grilling class, should you decide to hold it this spring or summer, hint-hint. Could be big money in it for French drains around your house…

  5. Hey all,
    Thank you all so much for the congrats!
    Hey Tea,
    Yeah, can’t argue with the truth! xo!
    Tell me about it and have been thinking the same thing. Maybe this year?
    xo, Biggles

  6. For the record: I am very happy for you Biggles. All the press and bbq rockstar crowns and class planning and celebrity. Really. But dude, I aint got no crush on you.
    Word yo, plenty do.

  7. Yer like, famous now. Interesting premise for a book, too! Congrats Biggles.
    In other matters, if you haven’t already, check out this disturbing (and awesome) website that often takes meat to bewildering new heights:
    Now that I think about it, maybe “heights” isn’t the right word.

  8. Hey Kitchen M,
    Heh, you’ve been out of the loop too long buddy! That’s so 2008.
    Thank you for the congrats and take care,

  9. I am reading her book right now.. I haven’t gotten to ch 12 yet, but she does mention this website earlier in the book and that is how I found you! I am a total meat eater, came from a family who divided their plate into three sections (just like she mentions in the book) meat, potato & vegetable being the smallest section. I am totally loving reading her journey and giggling about how she handles meat or rather doesn’t know how to handle it just because I have do so my whole life. I am totally enjoying my reading and I am so glad she has brought me to this website!!!