Tabanero Hot Sauce – Sherlock Troll is on the job

When I pulled Sherlock off the shelf for this shoot, I had no idea there was a little mystery going on. You see, a little over a month ago I got an email from Chilebrown about a deal where if you pay the shipping, you get a free bottle of some new hot sauce. It’s name was and is, Tabanero. Back then, right above the name, was the word Tobasco’s. I figured it made sense, Tobasco has been branching out over the years. Even if the label didn’t have the branding, it said Tobasco’s on it. Having a habanero hot sauce made sense to me, so I ordered my bottle. It finally arrived the other night and I was quite pleased. It doesn’t have any vinegar in it, but still gives you a nice beginning tang with a nice warm finish. This would be your “go to” sauce for anything you’d want to add spring to. Such as, pretty much anything in your pantry or refrigerator.
Uh, wait a minute there Sherlock. The label seems to be lacking the name Tobasco’s on it and those aren’t habaneros, they’re Selected Red Peppers. Seems as though maybe the Tobasco company had something to say about Tabanero’s use of their tradename. Nick at HotSauceBlog also took a whack at the sauce and felt it was quite close to Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot. Maybe initially, but Tabanero falls off VERY quickly in the heat department. Tabanero is what the little words on the label say it is, Authentic Salsa Picante Mexicana. It is good, but for me has been quite misleading. Even if my mind did translate Tabanero to something containing Habanero.
In any case, I hope the creators can do well after the label fiasco. I’ll enjoy the bottle until it’s empty.

3 thoughts on “Tabanero Hot Sauce – Sherlock Troll is on the job

  1. Troll!
    Sorry. Lost my mind for a moment. I’ve got about 50 of those things in a box somewhere and I just now realized that noise I’ve been hearing is them banging the cardboard, demanding their time in front of the camera.
    Also, I think Cookiecrumb is talking scooby talk up there. Haba-not-ro? Ruh-ro.

  2. Its not bad.What is bad is the beer this Company makes. Have you had the Cave Creek Chili beer. It is awful. I love Chili,but I will pass on drinking a chili spiked beer.