ANDREAS VIASTAD IS RETURNING !!! New Scandinavian Cooking Show 3rd Season

Or at least that’s the unconfirmed rumor I’m starting (keep reading, no really). I just received a comment in one of the posts I did about Tina Nordstrom. And if you’ve done any googlin’ on Tina or Andreas in the last year and a half, Meathenge is either beat out or is at least #2. Not bad, eh? In any case, here’s the comment:
We’re glad you like the shows — we do to! You’ll be glad to know that Andreas will be back with a third season of “New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad” in September 2006. Let your local PBS station know that you want more! Tina just had a baby, so a second season with Tina is a little further off. We’ll let you know when it’s confirmed. American Public Television distributors of “New Scandinavian Cooking”
As far as rumors go, this sounds as solid as any. Tina just had a baby and Andreas will do a season, then Tina comes back and does another one. YAY !!!
If you haven’t heard of or seen New Scandinavian Cooking with either Tina or Andreas, you’re missing out. Rarely do I enjoy a cooking show this much. It’s a total package deal, from the passion, cinematography, production, editing and commercials. It’s all outstanding.
Have you flipped through Andreas’ Kitchen of Light cookbook? The photography is better than most fine art photography books let alone a dumb cookbook. How is this possible?
It was Andreas’ first season that inspired me to even remotely consider visiting Norway. Not because I thought Norway sucked, but because the passion this man has for his country and cuisine is that inspiring.
So, while this is an unconfirmed rumor, scandcook still bears Andreas’ likeness on their first page and it’s too good to let it pass without saying something.
Meathenge Labs will most certainly be hosting a small party to view the season premier of New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viastad.
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4 thoughts on “ANDREAS VIASTAD IS RETURNING !!! New Scandinavian Cooking Show 3rd Season

  1. Oh man, I thought I was the only one! I’ve held onto the secret for too long that I adore that Scandavian cooking show, and especially the hammy Andreas.

  2. Hey Amy,
    Oh yes.
    I know this sounds odd, but I used to LOVE the King Oscar’s sound of the fishing boat. When I heared that sound, I knew that all was well. chug chug chug chug. Tina ain’t got no King Oscar, mebbe cause it’s a Norwegian company. You think they’ll bring it back?

  3. Hello,
    I’m here in California, and totally enjoy your cooking show from Scandinavia. My heritage is Swedish and finnish, and I truly salivate over your wonderful recipes. ‘Love the environments and historical touches.