Beautiful Meat Photograph – Sirloin Goat Steaks

Isn’t goat beautiful? Look at that marbling, notice the rich pinkness of the flesh. How clean it is, glistenny in the glow of my floods. Kinda tough to see the breed, that’d be cashmere for those who have an interest. These goats are grazed on natural range and irrigated pastures. They’ve never even remotely seen a feedlot, that makes me feel better right there. No antibiotics, pesticides, GMO’s, synthetic hormones (what about natural ones?), herbicides, chemical fertilizers … you get the idea.
Isn’t goat beautiful?
Ted of Highland Hills Farm thinks so.

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Meat Photograph – Sirloin Goat Steaks

  1. Hey Cookie,
    Nothing I care about goes in to the dishwasher.
    Yeah, they get cleaned. Especially that chicken, it gets a lot of use.
    I love my plastic chicken. I love my plastic palm trees. They’re my friends and give me ideas when I’m shooting. They know. They tell and they always listen.

  2. I adore goat. It is one of my favorite meats–and before it is meat, when it is still a gamboling goat, they are one of my favorite animals. Very bright, with great senses of humor.
    And hard to fence–they are very nimble and can climb or craw under many kinds of fences.
    Great critters, alive or cooked.

  3. I’m so sorry for your difficulties but it brought me the Ur Meathenge image and I was really tickled. Now I get it. Really.
    May your technical challenges begone!
    Now on to bigger and better meatfeasteses.

  4. How long does it take to cook goat on a barbeque grill? I read a recipe that said a 1 inch hindquarter steak will get tender after 3-4 hours. I can’t believe that amount of time.

  5. Hey Larry,
    3 to 4 hours? Are they nuts? Maybe at 200 degrees. Figure it like lamb or beef, which can be eaten nearly rare at 125F internal. 130 to 140 for a little more done. More fat & sinew the higher the temp.
    Can you take a practice run and see what you like?

  6. I cook goat meat often, could you advice on the best tenderisers.
    Don’t have much options in Kenya, and what causes goat meat to be so tough at times.