Meathenge catches the flu – The flu really sucks


I never want to go through that again. However, if I or anyone plans to maintain an internet presence, having breakdowns will occur and I will most likely be going through this again at some point in the future. Shudder.
You see, I woke up Sunday morning and found that I wasn’t able to post to Meathenge. You know, you get errors an junk. I did the typical work arounds and lookie looks. Check your internet connection, recheck your configs, try deleting the last post, rebuidling the archives one at a time. That kind of stuff. I wound up in the forms checking and searching. I emailed my sister to see if she had any ideas.
Monday morning I realized that my comment section is not only hosed, but every last comment in Meathenge was gone. At this point I broke out in a cold sweat.
Sure I backed up, but it was too long ago. Sure it could be something simple, but I could lose a lot just the same. I didn’t know.
My sister pointed me towards the support for Movable Type and off I went. 4 phone calls and 2 days later we are back online. I think. The system could still be lacking and/or unstable. So, if you encounter something out of the ordinary, please say something. My email address is located on the left-hand side there some place.
Mebbe I’ll get some rest tonight? I could sure use it. If I knew yoga, I’d be using that too.
For today, Meathenge rolls on.

5 thoughts on “Meathenge catches the flu – The flu really sucks

  1. Doc–I am sending a virtual hug, as well as a virtual slug of whiskey. I’ve been there, done that–or rather, I’ve been there, and my husband’s done that, while I stood around, and wrung my hands, and then went off into the kitchen to cook up some solace.
    When we moved from Blogspot to my own domain–it was scary for a while. Thought we lost every damned thing.
    I feel your pain.

  2. Huh. I *adore* chickpeas, and I love ginegry stir fries, yet somehow it never occurred to me to use chickpeas in asian-inspired cooking. Must give it a go! One of my favourite super-quick chickpea dishes is to fry a LOT of garlic with some cumin seeds, then add a can of chick peas and fry them just long enough to heat them through, and in the last few moments before turning off the heat stirring in a handful of rocket (rucola), and then season to taste. Nomnomnom