Easter 2006 – Meathenge Style

Man oh man, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this. Probably 6 months ago Meathead offered up this idea and I swore to the Norwegian Meat Gods I would carry it through. Rarely do I jump in to any holiday with themed recipes or foods for Meathenge, but this warranted my attention.
How could anyone pass up the opportunity to cook rabbit for the Easter holiday?

I’ve cooked rabbit before, but it came in nice pieces, no big deal. But this time I wanted whole rabbits, fresh ones. I asked Rick the Butcher from Rick’s Quality Meats in El Cerrito if he could get rabbit. “Yes,” said Rick. “Two please,” says I. I couldn’t believe I was getting things done in time for a holiday, I never do this.
Here we are, with a whole fresh rabbit. I didn’t consult any online page or book to cut it up, seemed easy enough. The rib cage area and the hind quarters needed separating. Then, that back area was cool lookin’ and had belly meat flapping around. It pieced out very quickly and at least looked as though I knew what I was doing. I didn’t cut off the legs, arms from the thighs. They’re not large enough, as near as I could tell.

I first fired up and got ready the smoking fire. One could grill or sear these rabbit pieces any way you would like, but I wanted to smoke them gently for an hour or so. Something easy to deal with. Once the fire was going, it was time to get the rabbit ready. It takes just over an hour to get them both ready for cooking, these being the meat & fire.
I mixed up a little fresh orange juice, lemon squeeze and mostly lime. Then very tightly minced some onion and garlic along with some toasted cumin seed. Spread evenly over all the extra virgin, must have. This Cubanny idea came from Kevin over at Seriously Good, thanks! A little s&p with some organo and we’re in. Since I wanted to marinate each piece a different color, it took a few dishes to keep them separate, but equal.
I don’t know why, but the fire was fighting me the whole time. Either it wasn’t hot enough, or it had burned out my mesquite, grrrrr. But after a while, it came together and it was time to lay it down.

Silly enough for you yet?

I wish upon you all good health, fortune and good times this weekend. Happy Easter!

20 thoughts on “Easter 2006 – Meathenge Style

  1. When I was a little kid my parents gave me and my brother dyed baby chicks. Mine was dyed pink so I called it pinky. My bros was blue.. he named it bluey.They disappeared when they grew into chickens. I thought the housekeeper was good for it. Somehow this brings back painful memories.

  2. Dr. B.
    We bunrabs are deeeeeeeeeply upset by this canibalistic exhibition and we feel that the Easter bunny may shun you tomorrow (unless his demise was documented above.)

  3. You so COMPLETELY fucking rock!!
    Every year we say we are going to put crucified rabbit on the menu for Easter. Of course, since we want to be in business the following Easter, we don’t. But we never considered colored crucified rabbit.

  4. This is SOOOO much better than waxy chocolate eggs sitting on top of cellophane grass.
    I never dreamed of mojo criollo rabbit, either. Bet the backyard smelled AMAZING. Trabajo excelente!

  5. What I like best about this recipe is that the dish diabetic friendly. You can still have a hoppy easter and not fall into a coma.
    Also, I think the dish would be more eastery and full of spring happiness if the rabbit was served on a bed of fresh greens and shredded carrots. Oh, and sliced hard-boiled eggs!!! Mmmm… good bunny.

  6. Doc,
    You’ve reached new heights with this one. All I can say is…
    (Bowing down) “I’m not worthy!!! I’m not worthy!!”
    I’ll be talking about this for years to come. “Is it art? Is it food? Is it social commentary? Is it a criticism of religion, heresy, paganism, and the corporatization of our diet all wrapped into one?”
    Congrats on “going there” where few of us dare to go.
    Mucho appreciated.

  7. Well, I can’t say the rabbit looked very appetizing, but I heard it was really good. I love rabbit, but don’t think I’d be able to eat it on Easter. Bad Karma or something. lol

  8. I am man enough to admit that I don’t have the balls to serve dyed meat to my family. I think they’d revolt. Although smoked rabbit does sound good…
    This recalls a particular camping trip in Scouts when one patrol decided to actually make green eggs and ham for breakfast. The adult leaders wouldn’t touch that one with a ten foot pole.

  9. Help! Please Help! I just purchased a Tappan Deluxe CP 1950 stove. I cannot get the oven pilot to stay lighted. When I let go of the safety valve the light goes out. I do not have a manual. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  10. Your dinners must be too much fun. When I was a kid my parents raised rabbits, partly to feed us 10 kids, and partly as pets. I still remember when my favorite rabbit (named Happy) turned up missing. It was quite traumatic. I’m not sure I’ve eaten rabbit since.

  11. Hey P. Chef,
    Food coloring, hey. But it’s new, though. The box looks kinda like the old one, but it says NEON on it. I simply could not pass it up, nope.