Alejandro & Martin Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 case FREE !!!

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, this isn’t some huge-ass corporate mass marketing deal I ran across on the net. Meathenge has been hand selected by Alejandro through a kind mention from Elise of Simply Recipes. And it looks as though you only have until December 15th to order your 100ml case! The deal is you pay for the shipping, ooOoOOOoO. Can you handle it? I’m off to get mine right now.
Please click HERE for your special page. I receive nothing by spreading the good word. Only the warm knowledge that I’ve helped a friend of a friend further the promotion of their small company. I wish Alejandro, Michelle & Elise good tidings and superb health in the coming year.
UPDATE December 12, 2006: Woot woot! All 800 cases are gone. That’s it, all done in 48 hours. Jeez, that was a whirlwind, eh?
Alejandro & Martin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

14 thoughts on “Alejandro & Martin Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 case FREE !!!

  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas
    I wish you a Merry Christmas
    I wish you a Merry Christmas
    cooking with Olive Oil to ME!!

  2. Oh man! The ├╝ber greatness of this deal cannot be overstated. I just ordered my case! Thank you, Biggles! And thank Alejandro and Elise! Sweeeet!

  3. I must be retarded, because I was not able to complete the checkout process. I was forced, FORCED, to include gift note, and when included, it said order still wasn’t complete without giving me error.

  4. Hi Mrs. Meathead,
    That’s odd. I had no problem placing an order without a gift note. If you still have trouble, don’t hesitate to drop Alejandro a note at
    jandro AT jandro {dot} com

  5. I was able to finally order a box for myself. The different people to send it to caused me some concern and I had to start over a couple of times as I couldn’t figure out how to remove a person.
    Also, the moment you make a change to the quantity (reducing someone to zero) it seems to empty the cart so you have to start over.

  6. Dangity-dang-dang!!
    I missed the olive oil opp ’cause I was in the south part of this amazing State of CA, down in the “lost region” on business.
    Nevertheless, you have done a wonderful service! I love olive oil; I love 1st cold press Virgin! I would have gladly paid for shipping and handling to get a case of this beautiful supply.
    Next time!
    Keep up the solid work on customer relations!
    And, if someone asks you for a recipe of “true blue Russian borscht” let me know!

  7. Dear Biggles: I am looking for a recipe for “true blue Russian borscht”. I know that you have a lot of contacts. Do you think you could help me? B.C.

  8. Thanky, thanky! I got mine! Thanky, thanky Biggles, Alejandro and Elise! Happy Holidaze, I will share your oils with my friends!