Red Wattle Piglet Roulade stuffed with peppery sausage – Food Porn and nothin’ but

As you can see, I went for the Piglet Roulade this last weekend. Ovened it up last night for dinner. Prolly a bit fancy and yet quite rich for a Tuesday evening after work’s kinda meal. What the hell, eh? A Biggles has to eat.
If you look, you can see the skin was on, got all crunchy! The pork roast was filled with juicy flavors that it got from not only the fancy meat, but the peppery sausage kicked in and did its part too.
I think next time I’m going to give myself more time and knock the oven’s temp from 350 to 325 and drag the time out a bit. And since they offered, have them wrap it up with the head included. Thank you team Fatted Calf!
UPDATE: December 6th 2006

Hey, check this out! A friend of Meathenge and obviously a consumer of Fatted Calf’s fine goodies sends this over for our enjoyment. Remember that roast, up there? The piglet roulade? This is the optional head!
Dang, I wish I’d got all the options on my model. Mebbe next time. Thank you Stephen!

11 thoughts on “Red Wattle Piglet Roulade stuffed with peppery sausage – Food Porn and nothin’ but

  1. Hey Rory,
    There’s a few of Taylor’s roasts I wished he’d do again soon. I sent him an email a while back. I think it was something similar, but it was a pork shoulder. As near as I can tell, you gotta grabem’ if you see’em.

  2. Your roast looks delicious!
    As directed by the gentleman at the FC Berkeley stall, I roasted mine slowly at 325 till it hit 140 internal. The results were as tasty as they were attractive. In the kindest spirit of imitation, I took a snapshot for ya:
    I certainly hope Taylor offers more piglet roasts again soon.