It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s December. Let’s cook outside!

Psyche !!! No post here. Nope, see? Look around, do you see any article for today? AHAHHAH, I totally had you. Face!
Well, okay. I did write a fancy article, but it isn’t here. It’s some place else. Robert from Get Your Grill On has kindly invited yours truly to join the Well Fed Network. So, during the coming months you’ll find me over there laying down the meaty love.
But Biggles, you have Meathenge! Why diversify and spread yourself out all thinny?
I accepted the offer to get out farther on the net and broaden my daily walkies. I could use the exercise and am shooting for some more inspiration. I figure, this inspiration will not only make the world a better place, it’ll improve Meathenge too. Years ago a good friend Murdock observed that Ed is like the rock in the center of the river, solid and unchanging. Himself is like the water, moving effortlessly through life, one with the universe. I however, was the guy in the kayak, upside down, broken oars, banging in to every rock and branch on my way down.
Here’s my first article written just for them,
It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s December. Let’s cook outside!
Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s December. Let’s cook outside!

  1. I have been thinking about getting brave and trying a suckling pig for New Year’s Day dinner. I have a side firebox smoker with a cooking surface about 20″ x 28″. It can also be used as a conventional charcoal grill. I’m unsure if I should cook it directly over the charcoal or by the indirect method with a red oak fire (from my own trees) in the box as I usually cook chicken and ribs, etc.
    My motivation is the Celtic festival of Hogmanay which falls on New Year’s Eve. One tradition is to keep a fire going in the family hearth from dusk on the eve of the New Year until dawn the next morning. I figured why not roast a hog all night for Hogmanay?
    I talked to two local butchers and both said the pigs come about 18-30 lbs., and need about 7-10 days notice to order them.
    If anyone out there has some thoughts or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Happy New Year / Hogmanay !!!
    Ray Mc — Massachusetts
    (Where it will likely be in the 20’s on New Year’s Eve !)

  2. Hey Scotsman,
    Sounds like a perfect way to spend the holidays to me. Answer me this, have you made the modifications to your smoker yet?
    I would go indirect. Since you’re going to put a whole piggy in there, you’ll need to have easy access to the firebox. And if I remember correctly, it’s tough if not damned near impossible to add fuel while the meat is on the grill. So, build the fire in the fire box and let it go slow and easy.
    You’re going to need a good pair of welder’s gloves or similar. It’s easier to turn/flip the piggy that way.
    Consider finding some insulation for the smoking box portion of the smoker. It’ll keep your smoker warmer, easier (more efficient). Since it probably won’t go over 250 to 275 degrees, this should be an easy find.
    Get a sturdy table next to your smoker where you’ll have room to work with the piggy once it’s out and on its way inside.
    Set up a another grill close by so you can preburn your wood. Your smoker is less likely to spike and dip in temperature if you can add burning wood to the existing fire.
    Stuff piggy with sliced onions, smooshed garlic, herbs, s&p, toasted pine nuts or walnuts, lemon zest … you get the idea. Rub inside and out with extra virgin.

  3. Great article at Get Your Grill On, Mr. Biggles.
    When do we get to read your experience cooking the piglet roulade from last weekend?

  4. Hey Stephen,
    Thank you sir!
    I don’t know! I expect to cook the roast tonight. Actually, there’s another awesome meaty treat packed in with the roast. Should be pretty darned amazing.

  5. Hello I am looking for the best chili Been’s
    with ground beef or goat/lamb meat.
    If possible you could give us the item’s needed
    since in Beirut Lebanon we could not find ready mix spices.
    Date: 12 / 07 / 2006 wrote at 11:50.12 AM

  6. Hello Sharif,
    Thank you for stopping by. I can’t get you the actual chile peppers delivered to your door.
    Were you interested in a recipe or getting the mix?

  7. anybody i am looking for indirect heat wooden cooking put the charqual on top and the meat inside the box seen them used them looking to buy one or for plans to one. please help