homage to an unmolested fridge / or “dude, you really eat fritos bean dip?”

Oh man, not sure why the HELL I would even remotely show you my refrigerator. Sam over at Becks & Posh showed me hers. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine. Isn’t that how it all starts? I can only dream.
Check out the upper right with the Fritos Bean Dip along with the Welch’s Grape Jelly, cool eh? Then to the left we have Sunnyside 2% milk along with some nondescript apple juice. Behind that is some “marmelade” that hasn’t been touched in years. Below that we find the “cheese” drawer. This is more of an experimentation drawer than anything else. I have Canadian bacon in there from 2005.
As we bounce down there seems to be some dozen eggs of an ilk that I bought last week. Or was it the week before? Some yolks don’t spread too badly. At the bottom there’s the pile of Tamales that show up at my door every two weeks (breakfast). In the foil is the beef roast I did last night.

It wasn’t very good. The spice and cook action was there, but the meat was dead and non-deliverable. Below all that is the vegetable drawer. I don’t know what’s in there, probably bagged lettuce, spinach and carrots I meant to juice.
Just like Sam’s, only different.
xo, Biggles
Snap to the next morning and did this before 9am. And guess what? I set things up so nothing needs to go back on top of the fridge! I’ll have to do a collage er somethin’.

Me, again

16 thoughts on “homage to an unmolested fridge / or “dude, you really eat fritos bean dip?”

  1. Take that old marmelade and melt it in a small saucepan with a little brown sugar and some dry mustard. Makes a dandy little glaze for some ham, pork roast, etc…B.C.

  2. Got a new El Salvadorian around the corner I’ve been hitting up on a regular basis. They have the curtido just sitting out in a tub at the table. HOOYAH !!!

  3. Bigs old man, you’re really torquin’ my testes. We’re having some Hawaiian plate lunches for dinner. Some slow smoked pork butt, kalua style, some shoyu chicken, mac salad, and two scoops rice; oh, and a little kim chee on the side. It’s super ono bra. By the way, you folks must be about ready for some A&B bacon down your way. Send me an address, and I’ll send you a little care package. B.C.

  4. Chandler,
    Did you catch the image I added this morning to this post?
    I cain’t find your email address. I had it a few years ago, but been through a few machines since then. Email me, drbiggles at cyberbilly dot com.

  5. Wow that is a little weird. What is that Green Stuff by the Roast? Literary license on the green stuff in the refer.

  6. Hey Chile– I haven’t talked to those guys for a while. Last I heard though, the shop was still for sale, but open. O.K. fast forward. I just called their # (8:10pm)and the message said that they will be open until the last day of June, and then will be closing the market. So there you have it. You and/or the Doc need to get together and put in an order; or not. I’ll send you whatever you want. I’m sure their bacon freezes well if you want to stock up. Actually I think you can buy it frozen, but I’m not sure on that one. I can pack something up nice and cozy, and cold, and either 2 day UPS, FedEx, or priority mail it. It should be just fine. B.C.

  7. do you think there is anyone who does NOT have an old jar of marmalade in their fridge?

  8. O.K. Chile, now I’m getting a little bit freaked out. I just now picked up yesterdays paper (The Bend Bulletin) for the first time, and read it. Waiting a day to read the local paper is not like me at all. Low and behold, there is an article about the closing of A&B Market in there. And it gets even better…THEY MENTION MEATHENGE AND YOU! Here is the paragraph.
    –“It’s the kind of place that inspires devotion in customers, who are willing to drive long distances for its in-house smoked meats and other fare. There’s an article on the Web site “Meathenge” (www.cyberbilly.com/meathenge) devoted to A&B Meat Market in which the author talks about driving from San Francisco Bay Area to Bend for the specific purpose of buying bacon from A&B”–
    Now can you believe that? I didn’t say a word to anyone at the paper. Maybe the A&B guys said something to them. Pretty cool huh? If you want the article, get ahold of the Doctor. I emailed it to him, and I also saved the original and would be happy to send it your way. You could read it on The Bulletin’s web site, but it is in a pay-to-view area. We’re also working on that care package. Chandler

  9. Chandler, You are the Man. I think we will have to take you up on your offer. I will be up your way this summer on the “Killer Oregon Meat Adventure”.

  10. man are you brave–i have not seen welch’s grape jelly since i was a kid-where’s all the beef???

  11. GRAPE JELLY?!!!?!
    And hey– you can’t pull the I hate fruit line— I SAW you EAT strawberry shortcake! Fresh! Organic! Local!
    I guess it’ll soon be my turn….

  12. You’re brave to show your goods!
    Do the tamales ever dry out in the fridge? I don’t put ours in the fridge, but they are usually eaten in less than 24 hours. Not critiquing, just wondering.

  13. Hey,
    Ha !!! Shuna totally got to post. Excellent.
    J. Girl,
    I had one 20 minutes ago and it’s been nearly 2 weeks and they’re GREAT. They wrapped in corn husks, then that white paper. Get stored on the bottom. In fact, I was just thinking about it. They seem to get better over the days. All the flavors meld together and give this exceptionally rich flavor. Personally, I wouldn’t have pushed them past 4 days. I just figgered I’d give it a shot.