I-580 Melted, a freeway that is!

Dang, was on the freeway heading out at 10:30 Sunday morning. A trip that usually takes me 15 minutes to get to and through, was about 45 minutes. Turns out some gasoline rig turned over, spilled its guts and caught on fire. It melted the steel and the road collapsed. Luckily nobody lost thems lives.
A hard right would have taken us to San Francisco. Light left and we’re heading East.
It totally sucked to be in that crap, my clutch leg is still sore. But check out the photograph I got on the fly !!!
I rule.
ps – The only photoshop I did was to use the channel mixer and check the monochrome box. Then? A tiny bit of sharpening, only because I was doing 30, one handed, watching traffic and not getting in another collision.

9 thoughts on “I-580 Melted, a freeway that is!

  1. Yeah, I drove by at 9:45am in a Tractor Trailer. I had a higher view and it reminded me of an attraction at Universal Studio. It was awesome! I will not be saying that tomorrow. This will be ‘The Nightmare from Hell’ for a couple of months!!

  2. And here I was thinking . . . . . . . . . .
    Meathendge Labs was researching various cooking techniques for the person who has no time to grill when they get home. Something along the lines of The Manifold Oven!
    Glad to hear that the good Dr. Biggles was just driving through ~ I’m not sure if Meathenge Labs insurance covers rebuilding of a major freeway interchange!
    Glad to see you’re OK!
    Big D

    That is unbelievable! That the freeway collapsed; and that you were there, saw it and captured it for the record!
    The whole episode is just too weird. Kinda like the Twin towers melting under the same kind of fuel/flame/heat and I don’t know what else.