Sunday May 6, 2007 Pie & Galette Dough – Shuna is on FIRE !!

Shuna is at it once again, thank goodness. I can’t speak for everyone, but there could very well be some of us out there that are about as good at baking as Homer Simpson is at home construction. Sure you went out and spent hundreds on some fancy, bright red kweezinart rig. Book in hand you set out to make a pie dough. You probably made something that was … edible. But how would youl like a Pastry Ninja next to you guiding your every movement?
Well, now’s the time to jump. And I mean today. You’re getting the inside scoop here. If you want another day, your space could be given to someone else. It does happen you know? Don’t lag.
Sunday May 6, 2007 Pie & Galette Dough 1 – 3:30 pm
The price is $80 per person. Details of location are disclosed to registered students a few days before the class. There are two $45 spots reserved in each Baking Class for “assistants.”
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