Knife Sharpening Class With Eric E. Weiss

So you can dice up your onion and slice down your carrots now with ease. Celery goes fine, stuffed with creamy cheese. But dammit man, the thought of sharpening those knives has always made you weak in the knees.
I owe you a dollar for having to read that …
Ahem. Well, suffer no longer my good friend. Mr. Weiss is here and he’s got a class coming up this coming Monday evening. Click on that image above, he got a wonderful write-up in the San Francisco Magazine recently. Cool, eh?
There’s only a few spaces left, so hurry and sign up quick. It’s only 60 bux!
MONDAY, June 18, 2007
6:30pm – 8:30pm $60.
Paulding &Company, A Creative Kitchen
1410 D 62nd. St. Emeryville, 94608
Class details/registration at
Paulding & Co.

2 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening Class With Eric E. Weiss

  1. Hey, I’m looking at how to sharpen a serrated knife and wondering how much patience it takes to get through the entire row! And what is he using to do the sharpening? Looks like a file from a farrier’s tool box!
    Biggs Buddy, you capture the zaniest and finest cuisine and culinary finds! Your other name is CAlifornia Jones!

  2. I took this class a while back! It is WELL worth every buck in that there 60. yessiree. Eric is a Bay Area treasure and I hope y’all will go out to support him! Yeah Independent Teachers!