Happy Birthday Meathenge !!! You’re this many, IIII.

Hey Biggles. Where you at son? poke poke
Hey Biggles, you dere? Whut? Hey dumbass, you do remember you have a food related web site you’re responsible for, don’t you? Where? Keeripes man, Meathenge. Oh yeah. I was wondering why it went quiet a few weeks ago. The amount of time I have available to do such things comes to about 30 minutes from time to time. I use this smidge for watching such mind numbing movies as McBain. It’s a Vietnam War era movie wherein Christopher Walken plays Chuck Norris. No really. And I should have used the word rotting for numbing.
Even through my total lack of time for to make Meathenge shine, we’ve come to our 4th birthday here! That’s right, it’s been a tad over 4 years since Meathenge hit the streets. Pretty darned cool, huh? That’s 28 in Blog Years.
I’ve made friends I can easily say will be around for a lifetime. Got some photographs published along with some recipes and even mentions in newspapers from afar. Meathenge has top rankings in google for quite a few topics, such as our beloved Andreas Viestad. Adjusting old gas ranges has turned in to a weekly discussion and the topic was posted about 2 years ago! That Caja China roasting box post I did was one of the first on the net. The only site that was of any help was Babalu. Today? It’s everywhere, even the food network. Great fun!
Without your cheers with hardly any jeers I’ve had a great time and hope to continue on in to the glistenny future. Summer is coming am looking forward to a little more time for recipes, pictures & fun. Hang tight, we’re not going away. No how, no way.
xo, Rev. Biggles
ps – That’s right, I can now bless your meat.

20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Meathenge !!! You’re this many, IIII.

  1. I’ve got a feeling that there’s going to be a four course meal prepared in the Meathenge lab to celebrate the 4th Birthday of Meathenge. I wonder if it’ll be something like . . .
    1st Course ~ Bacon
    2nd Course ~ Sausage
    3rd Course ~ Ham
    4th Course ~ Pork Chops
    Let’s hear it for Pork Fat ~ Happy Birthday MeatHenge!!!
    Big D

  2. Four huge whacks comin’ yer way!
    Happy B-day Rev. Biggles (is the Rev short for Irreverend?) I was going to do a post about your recent ordainment into the meathood, but then thought about all that secretive crap that they made you swear to never reveal. Don’t y’all worry now Irreverend, yer secrets safe with me.
    And I can’t wait to see that new apostle-apron of you’s with the high starched collar and little white patch. It’s bound to look good all spattered in bacon grease……..
    Peace out Irrev, go bless some meat would’ya?

  3. Happy Birthday, and how very cool. Four years is a long time! I’m so glad you’re here or I should have been trying to cook on a wimpy burner for the last two years!

  4. Congrats Revvun’d. Glad to see you’re around. Mebbee one of these years I’ll find myself in the Greater SF bay, if so, I ow ya 4 rounds!
    Christmas this year, perhaps. I can’t visit Cali-forn-I-ay without hitting Sonoma.

  5. Happy B-day MH! May there be many more to come!
    I cooked a flank steak in your honor tonight (isn’t your little apprentice coming along nicely? you should be pleased:-)
    It was so dang good! Mmmm.

  6. Happy Birthday Rev. and congratulations. It just goes to show you, if you handle your meat carefully, and with respect, it will treat you right everytime. Can I have an Amen?

  7. Dear Reverend,
    I have been a participant for 2 1/2 of those years and it has been a fun ride. I will dedicate tonights ‘Meat Extravaganza’ to your birthday celebration. Peace, Paul

  8. H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y T-O Y-O-U!!!
    I was in the MeatHenge lab kitchen the day you dragged in that relic gas range and I thought, “Is he kidding?” But, you resurrected that thing, blessing it and praying over it until it miraculously transformed into a chef’s wonderment. No wonder you are a Reverend! Forgive me Father, for I have sinned, I haven’t consumed any bacon all week! Love, BB

  9. Hi!
    Thank you one and all for all the birthday wishes. I brought in the weekend by heading down to Monterey and spent Saturday grilling meat! Now am back, looking to get in to some trouble!

  10. Gemini’s rule. Ha. I saw this over the weekend and had non-trimmed pork just because…ah hell, the blood work isn’t going to be done until August. 🙂
    I’m double four come Tuesday!