Biggles Method: Grilled Corn on Cob

Once upon a time, at grillside many years ago, handfuls of corn hit the grill with surprising ease. Yet the flavors were something that not everyone includes in their corn meez. Come along my fairytale friend and we’ll discover just what these ears crave.
“It’s easy.” said Jlee. All you need to do is remove that corn fuzz and leave enough of the husk to cover the budding kernals. Treat ear tips with a cone of foil to hold in place, set on grill for 20 to 30. That’s Minutes there, son.

Before their time has come, lay down that bacon slice that’s been smoking at grill side. Allow bacon sauce to enter the cornfolds ever so gently, quietly. Use time to make sure the corn slowly begins to smile. And when it does? Pull the husks back to expose your corn to the direct heat and let the colors turn.
xo, Biggles

6 thoughts on “Biggles Method: Grilled Corn on Cob

  1. Now I know why most corn on the cob that I have sampled at friends’ bk-yd bbq’s haven’t been all that good! Either too dry or too burnt or both and no taste included.
    What an easy to do solution you show here! Biggles does it again! ‘Course, we ALL grasp that the real secret is the laying on of those remarkable porkie slices!
    Man, I am so hungry for a couple of mouthfuls of Biggs’s grilled C-O-T-C!

  2. Whoa boy, did that picture make me laugh! I guess that solves the problem with the sad, dried out cobs some people turn out. Forget buttering your corn–BACON it!

  3. Best Idea Ever, Brilliant! What brand of bacon do you have in the picture?

  4. Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for the kind words and you’re right, it was a tremendous idea. Tasted good too!
    Hey CB, that’s Fatted Calf’s bacon. I would have used some of Chandler’s fine delivery, but this package was like, just right there an junk.