Meathenge Inspires a Chef Across the Country!

My most excellent friend Kevin of Seriously Good, whom I spoke with today, informed me that his recent adventure was inspired by a meat photograph I took recently. He rambled his self down the Florentine road and came up with Pork Chops Florentine.
I’m impressed and wishing some of his creation was warm, and in front of me. Go have a gander and it could very well inspire something within you.
xo, Biggles

3 thoughts on “Meathenge Inspires a Chef Across the Country!

  1. Very Nice!
    Chef Kevin of “Seriously Good” writes intelligently and with zest about meat called “pork.”
    But, this correspondent has had recent “personal” and “up-close” observations at MeatHenge Labs and does indeed comprehend the definition of the word “infusion.”
    Having just recently visited MeatHenge Labs and savoured some of the most delicious pork, grilled under the dutiful eye of MeatHenge Chef himself, I am convinced that grilling with the proper wood fuel, with added sprinkles of additional wood chips of the right sort, undoubtedly gives pork the most superb results ever imagined!
    Yes, indeed, people! As an observer, I classify food, and most particularly pork food, three ways:
    1. Taste-flavour
    2. Tenderness
    3. Juiciness-moisture content
    What MeatHenge Master Chef prepared on July 12th, with yet an experimental grill no less, was truly Masterful!
    We had three types of pork food:
    1. Bacon slices
    2. Pork roast, Sirloin
    3. Pork roast, combination
    The three individual items finished with individual tastes, flavour, and juiciness the likes of which I have never experienced before!
    People, it is indeed the “infusion” of the pristine wood fuel that charms the pork meat into pure delicious bitefuls!
    So, no doubt “infusion” can be applied in many ways, but I have become a convert to the “pure” wood fuel type and can testify that it is clean, scrumptious and produces meat food that is absolutely satisfying without the need for more than the single person would normally require.
    Way to Go! Doc Biggles!