Happy Friday and Fun with Markets!

Welcome to Friday, most of us have the next few days off. And I, for one am looking forward to it. CB dropped off a few grills from his collection the other day and am making my way through their finer points. Which leads me to a game!
On your way home today or during your travels, take a different route. Make a left turn instead of a right, go straight or go for a walk. Seek out a little grocery you’ve never been to. A little grocery you’ve always meant to stop by or one that you’ve only now found. Stop and say hi to the checker, what aromas waft first? Slowly walk the isles, looking up and down, poke about. When you’ve found whatever tickles your fancy, purchase it with ideas as to what to might go with. You may want to buy a nice refreshing beverage and if they have seats out front, sit down and watch the world slowly pass.
This is what Biggles will be doing later on this afternoon.
xo, Biggles

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday and Fun with Markets!

  1. Wha? I’m first?
    I *always* like to take a new route. Go there, be brave. Check out the humongous pig feet at the little Latino market.
    Hey! Come on over tomorrow for a nice refreshing beverage. It will be a new route for you.