Happy Friday Everyone !!! Ponder thine yak meat

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Little Eddy came in to my office the other day, he’s the one that gave me the idea for doing a post about Chinch Meat (chinchilla). He wanted me to do a search for Yak Meat, I did.
Google lead me directly to Delyaks, our yak source!
I’m pretty excited and will probably order some after paying of the holiday bills. Apparently it’s 95% to 97% fat free and is filled with Omega 3 oils, CLA’s, Oleic Acids,and Stearic Acids. Healthier for us than skinless chicken breasts and fish? They say it’s true. Not gamey, not greasy, juicier than buffalo and delicately flavored? Dang, that’s pretty darned impressive.
Welp, look for a yak post coming up in our future. There’s tons of information and pictures on their web site, go have a gander.
xo, Biggles
ps – Sure I talked about yak meat, but I really wanted some way of sharing the sunrise with you.

12 thoughts on “Happy Friday Everyone !!! Ponder thine yak meat

  1. Sounds cool, be careful with lean game meats, they are tricky. You gotta get them over 140 to make sure you don’t get trichinosis, but as you said, they have basically no fat so they can dry out. I recommend adding some fat via bacon wrapping, butter basting, etc.

  2. Only here could we view a sunrise with both a palm tree and an evergreen (Christmas?) tree in the same frame.
    Yak? Yakkity-yak, I say. If it’s that lean, are we gonna love it anyway? I’ll let you decide.
    Happy Friday, Biggles!

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I believe the best way to start would be with a few steaks and a few different kind of roasts. Prepare them simply, taste the flavors. Then screw them up. MMmMmm, yak salami.
    Their web site says the meat is juicy from all the good fats. Plus considering exactly how they’re raised, I’m not convinced they have trich. Am contacting these fine folks right now.

  4. Hey all,
    I emailed them a little while ago and asked about the trichinosis. Suffice it to say, they don’t get it. They’re ruminants (4 stomachs) and they don’t get trichinosis. Cool, eh?

  5. Yak, Yak, Yak!
    If it’s fat free, but full of the right kind of omegas and all, let’s DO IT! Please stay on this, especially for us finicky eaters who are very particular about our animal meat! Should we start a co-op Yak Ranch?! I’m in! :))

  6. What? No meat pictures? I mean the other picture is purty and all but no meat? I might just have to sit in the corner and pout until the yak arrives.

  7. I had yak burgers in Nepal several years ago, and I remember them being petty tasty. Definitely lean, but nice.

  8. I’ve tried yak meat and it’s fantastic. I would describe it in the same category as lamb meat is with the “white meats”. Yak is very tender, no meaty “iron” taste, very mild tasting… my 8 year old LOVES it.
    It’s a meat you definitely don’t want to over cook. Cook medium. Delicious!

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hopefully this is helpful to you as it was for me!