Bottom Round Beef Roast with Butter on Top

You know the ones, they’re shaped like a triangle log. Fat on one lengthy side and the rest looks pretty lean? Was looking for a tri-tip or sirloin, but no luck. It’s the holidays for crissakes, why would they have those cuts? Sigh.
It was 4:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, I had a preheated oven, could I get this on the table in time?

This triangle meat wasn’t standing the way I wanted it. That nice slab of fat was on the side, not good. I wanted it on top so it would render and juicify the roast underneath. But how was I going to get it to stand on its tippy toe? Cut a potato, play with the potato and don’t laugh too hard at me.

Looks pretty dumb/silly if you ask me. But it worked really well and I got what I wanted.
Rub with extra virgin, celery seed, salt & pepper the sucker. Mince up some fresh rosemary and put all over. Slice pat of butter, mound with more rosemary. Install to preheated 350 degree oven in cast iron pan with trivet until internal temp is about 130 (rarish). Let rest 10 minutes and you gets this.

The flavors were rich & beefy with some yummy salty with a all around action of fresh rosemary. A final squeeze of fresh lemon would have been a nice addition. The texture went along the lines of something toothy, but never ‘chewy’. It’s easy, somewhat quick and never disapoints. Love.
xo, Biggles

13 thoughts on “Bottom Round Beef Roast with Butter on Top

  1. Gheezz, bottom round beef is really difficult to roast. That type of cut is sure not tender to begin with, so if you resulted an easy to chew and tasty roast doing what you did, wull, then, you get the 1st Prize for ingenuity! How long did you cook it and did you ever put a cover on it? Important questions for idiots!

  2. Hay,
    Well, yeah and I thought for sure I was screwed. This is normally set aside for the pot roast or anything braised.
    Nope, and I’d do it again. It isn’t about how long, but what the internal temp is. Cook at low temp, even drop to 300. I think it was about a 3 pound roast, took 1 hour + 20. Man that was great. The gravy was all dreamy.

  3. I bet that potato was yummy, too. My cousin used to do the slit and fill with garlic AND rosemary on her roasts, well, probably still does. That was delish, too. I like your idea for propping it up. /;+)

  4. Nice description, and nice pics. Other than an initial rub of Kitchen Magic, I followed your recipe and it came out great! Rare roast beef – yum. I wished I had caked on more salt. Thanks for describing an *oven roast* of bottom round. Oh: the potato-supports were nearly raw. The big chunk o’ meat probably kept them cool.

  5. Thank you so much for keeping this in your archives. I have never roasted a bottom round before. I cooked a 4 lb-er at 310-degrees for 90 min. It registered 120 so I took it out to sit. Sliced beautifully! I think I’ve finally slid past MIL in melt-in-your-mouth roast beef. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  6. Fantastic recipe! The Rosemary really added a lot of flavor. Thanks for sharing. Best bottom round recipe I’ve tried so far.