Happy Merry !!!

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Sorry, can’t live without the turkey. It’s the gravy I crave, this and only. When I try the other more adventurous menus? The love and care gets murky, quite quickly. Biggles no likey. That rich perfume between the stuffing and crackly skin make my core all smiley, nose bones come alive. You can have your lamb, ham & beef of all kinds. I can’t live without the turkey, it’s the gravy I crave.
Love to you all and Merry Happy,

15 thoughts on “Happy Merry !!!

  1. I got gravy. Prime rib gravy. Went straight into the fridge, because a meal of thick (successfully pink!) meat slices and slabs of Yorkshire pudding doesn’t need the gravy. Just yet.
    But boy. I love turkey gravy. Probly better than prime rib gravy.
    Happy Merry.

  2. Happy Boxing Day to you, Biggles. I’m glad you were so happy on Christmas and I wish you all the gravy you desire in the coming year!

  3. Oh, yea, turkey gravy is really something! Best in a huge dollop of freshly mashed “taters”; you know, make a deep tater pit on your plate and pour the gravy into the pit! Then, eat! Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything like that! I went to a chicken dinner and there was no gravy! How weird is that!

  4. But you didn’t say how you make your gravy!
    Yes, I live all year for the turkey and the gravy. Nothing like it anywhere.
    Hope your hols were rich and warm and just the way you like ’em.

  5. Hey everyone!
    OH man, it was absolutely out of this fricken world. Cookie? Saved the gravy? Whaaa?
    Hey Gina,
    There are so many ways to make great gravy. I do have a few angles, see what you think.
    After roasting your turkey, however it was stuffed or played with, you end up with action in the pan. This bull crap about dumping all but 2 tablespoon fulls is complete crap. If my bird delivers me 1/2 cup of fat and frond, I’m going to use it.
    Heat fat and add a minced shallot or two, cook until translucent. Wisk in flour until you have a wet, loose paste. Pour in good chicken broth until you kinda got the consistency you like. Simmer for a few minutes until the “chalky” texture from the “sauce” is gone, a few minutes. TASTE IT.
    Pour through sieve. Put back on fire and adjust flavor and consistency with salt & chicken broth. When perfect add a few dollups of creme fraiche and juice from half a lemon. Stir.
    Decant to small crock pot on table and serve from there to gravy boats.
    You’re welcome.
    xo, Biggles

  6. Made duck for Christmas.
    Made Turkey today, and fresh bread, just for sammiches.
    One day I hope I can share a bit with you.
    Until then, Happy Holidays Dr.!

  7. *sigh* Stuffing with sausage. That was missing from my meal as well. Now I’m starting to rethink my joy with Christmas dinner. Maybe I should just stay home next year (not really) because then there would be gravy and stuffing with sausage at my house. Or maybe we all just invade Cookie’s house.

  8. It’s New Year’s Eve. Wish you could smell the pot of hoppin’ John cooking away in my kitchen: lotssa bacon aromas in the air. A very, very Happy New Year to you and to the boys, Biggles.

  9. We et the beef gravy. On mashed taters.
    (I’d like to talk to you about turkey gravy, but some other time. I like your addition of creme fraiche. Ooh!)
    Happy New Year.