Happy New Year !!! A fresh meaty canvas it is, 2008.

Click on pretty meat picture for larger badass version.
Yay, we’re in an even numbered year. Thank goodness, you don’t know how happy that makes me. You just can’t lose in an even numbered year. It’s like making sad music with a banjo, you just can’t do it. The meaty picture above was from a little meat fest Meathenge Labs hosted on the 26th of December of last year. We did pork spare ribs, baby back ribs and a juicy flank steak. Oh my!
Oh my is right, forgot to buy onion powder. Never been a fan of the garlic powder, but I do love my onion powder. What’s my go-to rub going to be without its key ingredient? Pah, I dunno.
4 parts Paprika
2 parts chile powder
1 part salt
2 part oregano
1.5 parts or less of celery seeds
1 or 2 parts cumin seeds, toasted (whiz oregano, celery seeds and cumin seeds together)
1 or 2 parts white/black pepper
1 part cayenne powder
and a little more salt!
Ribs got rubbed. Flank got marinated with the above rub doused with orange juice. Grilled indirectly with applewood charcoal and cherry wood branches for smoky love. Serve with ice cold Schlitz and a few sides.
Here’s a pretty photograph of the last sunset of 2007. Goodbye you craggy ol’ bastard, smell ya later.

Most certainly click on image for larger one, hey.

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year !!! A fresh meaty canvas it is, 2008.

  1. Hooyah! I’ve actually grilled up a second batch of ribs since then. I think I’m going to go for a 3rd. Raley’s has them cheapish. 7 bux a rack for baby ones.

  2. That last sunset over the Bay Area was great. One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. I was driving down with The Bananas to see them play in SF. It was like the ocean was on fire.

  3. Hey Dave,
    Yeah, I get that a lot.
    As I hear it, from a handful of folk, that Schlitz was a traditional beer amoung some real BBQ lovers. It’s exceptionally hoppy (sweet) and lends itself well to grilled/smoked foods. And it does. I had to special order it from a local mega booze mart, no really.

  4. Just kidding. I fell in love with my wife when she was swilling down Black Label. I like great beer and like not so great beer. Can’t have all good all the time or you won’t appreciate the good stuff. I’ll have to look around and reacquaint myself with a Schlitz tallboy.