just now sunset of love

I can’t stop myself. Each day, each morning, each sun set of day, I find my nose pressed against the windows, running to the outside to see. Click on the image above to get a larger version.
Just like gravy, the skies above me from day to night enslave me.
xo, Biggles

10 thoughts on “just now sunset of love

  1. Too bad your camera doesn’t date/temp print in the corner. It’s like 30degrees out there. Brrrrrrr.

  2. Well, I put a ‘mometer out there and just got 42 degrees. But I have to say, that was at a dead still breeze under the boom boom room. It was far colder throughout today. I’m figgerin’ about 38 mostly, during the day. That’s fricken cold for this area.

  3. Biggs, Baby, just keep on keepin’ on with your reach to the skies! Gorgeous! Here, in wine country, we have snow on Mt. St Helena and enrivons, with plenty of rain and fog at the lower levels a really weird combo. You know, I really do enjoy opening my classroom at the break of dawn, with half a container of decaf already forming ice crystals on the sipping edge!

  4. Have I got two treats for you!
    And this wonderful Santa Cruz photographer, Geoff Gilbert, who is hilarious and arcane:
    Not a food blog, but I hope you appreciate his wit and spirit as much as I have. (I actually went back to the beginning when I met him over the holidays.)
    (I have to laugh at the Californian perception of cold. While it’s true I am a Southerner, I lived in the Catskills. Three feet of snow overnight that did not melt for four months. You couldn’t feel your feet or your bootay. Give it up for the Yankees! Not the baseball team! NEVER them!)
    XOX and keep up the good work. Okay, back under my rock I go.

  5. Hey Tana,
    Hi! Good to see you, I stop by from time to time to see what yer up to.
    Thank you for the heads up, Geoff looks as though he has a lot of fun. The feeling one gets while actually VIEWING such times is awe inspiring. Being able to bring it home and share it with others makes it all worth my time.
    xo, Biggles

  6. Wow ~ isn’t amazing how much love can generated from the serene image of colors and texture in the sky . . .
    Sort’a like a fine presentation of ribs sitting next to a soft round mound of tater’s lathered in sauce.
    Got’ta call it sauce cause I heard “gravy ain’t good for ya” ~ but sauce is OK!
    Good Dr. Biggles ~ keep sharing the love in what ever content you desire!
    Big D.

  7. Ooh, gorgeous. Although it’s a toss-up as to which is more beautiful: that lovely sunstreaked skyscape or a gleaming pitcher of gravy.
    Mmm, gravy.