sunset through richmond – Saturday Evening

Not too long ago.
Then a few minutes after that?

xo, Biggles
ps – click on photographs to enlarge

5 thoughts on “sunset through richmond – Saturday Evening

  1. thanks for sharing these great pictures. I’m a former San Franciscan turned Seattlite and it’s great how these pictures brought me back.

  2. Hey Paul,
    Thank you! That’s a very kind thing to say, plus it makes my head swell. Yay.
    Have you been here long? There are more pretty photographs of the sunrise, sunset in the archives of 2007 starting last September.

  3. Because I have less of a widescreen view of the world here at my new digs (as opposed to the straight-out western panorama of my old house) I value every glimpsed moon or evening star. You make me aware of how we folks here on this coast appreciate those moments. Thanks for sharing them with everybody.
    Tongiht I caught the full moon between roiling clouds and it was marvelous.

  4. Hey D,
    Yeah, last night was pretty awesome too. But wasn’t able to pull anything worth posting, at least to my satisfaction anyhoo. I’ll keep my eyes peeled …