Where’s Ted? A series wherein we search for that elusive rancher

This just in, from yesterday afternoon, directly from Jlee. She spotted Ted!
You see, back in September I started a series called Where’s Ted? This would be Ted of Highland Hills Farm. Anyway, I realized that time and time again I’d run across either Ted and/or his famous rancher truck (beaten and muddy). Jlee had spied him on occasion, traveling at great rates of speed with hay flying in all directions. OH, it’s such great fun to find Ted.
This is where our story takes a dreadful turn. You see, while Jlee did most certainly find Ted, his truck was no wheres to be seen. Ted said he’d sold it, shudder. And you know what? He’s not saying what he replaced it with, no sir. Jlee wasn’t able to get it out of him. It’s a mystery!
Please if you’ve seen Ted, help solve this mystery. I can’t go on much longer not knowing what he’s driving, how will I know if I’ve seen Ted or not? The world needs to know.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Ted? A series wherein we search for that elusive rancher

  1. Biggles, you’ll be so happy to hear this: Ted is driving a truck that is nearly identical to his old one! I saw it at the Tuesday market and thought I was tripping or something because it looked and smelled like his old one (diesel and all) but this one was white. Since it was dark, I thought maybe it was a play of the light or something since it looked such the same. Even the scratches down the sides and beat up bed looked right. Now, I’m no older model Ford truck lover, but I’d swear this one was possibly even the same year and model. If anything a year or two younger, tops. Oh, and maybe it had a tailgate.
    I guess it’s in the realm of possibility that it was a borrowed truck, but rest assured that you will have a clear idea fixed in your mind of what the Ted-meister is driving these days. Soon. We, your faithful readers will get to the bottom of this and do some sleuthing, even stalking if we have to…….meaning ‘ll make a point of getting a picture of it next tuesday for you.
    Peace out. Now get back to tending that meat there buddy.

  2. A tailgate? Well, that makes sense. The loss of his tailgate wasn’t too terribly long ago.
    While I generally enjoy the coming of winter to the markets (I can actually spend time talking with the vendors), it means that Ted’s truck gets “cleaned”. The cool factor drops a bit with a ranch truck that’s clean. Excellent news, all. Thank you sir!

  3. Ooooo monkey wrangler, you got some sleuth to you. I tried to hang in the parking lot of the place I got the scoop on Ted and truck, but I think he must have figured I’d be spying and stayed inside, waiting me out. Wiley Ted. This is SO much rainy day fun.