Stormwatch 2008 – 100 mph winds say bye bye!

Click on crazy image to get embiggened.
Bye bye you crazy storm. Sure we’re all flooded and I got dealt a bad burrito, but it’s okay. I’ll keep flushin’ and you keep knockin’. You can’t come in, you crazy ol’ storm.

8 thoughts on “Stormwatch 2008 – 100 mph winds say bye bye!

  1. Sure it was the burrito? Reason I ask: thousands of people in Britain have been hit by norovirus which the Brit press calls, daintily, “vomiting disease”. There has been a lot of g-i stuff going around Marin. Whatever the cause, I hope you feel better now that the winds have died down and the rain has become less horizontal. Courage!

  2. Hey Charlotte,
    Me too! Got burned again, my french fries were undercooked in oil that wasn’t hot enough.
    And am VERY sure the burrito was bad. I didn’t get ill, but the smell and taste was bitter bad, like foot rot. GACK.

  3. Aha! My comment was based on my misreading your use of the active verb “flushing” after the mention of the bad burrito. Glad you were/are okay — and now I feel like a mother hen.

  4. Hay,
    Yeah, don’t remember quite what I was thinking at that moment, but I knew it was clear to me then. Youse guyses rendition makes more sense. Put down the schlitz Biggles!

  5. Whew! I too was thinking that you had had the worst burrito ever. And sure the weather is not as bad as Friday but it’s still raining.

  6. Ya know, I think I remember now what I was thinking. It was just an incomplete thought on my part.
    Our sewer had recently stopped seweging and it was close to this post that it was free again. I was so excited to be able to flush, and not have it show up on the front lawn. Sorry all!