A meme! 5 Sordid Facts about Dr. Biggles.

Yay! Zoomie over in Zoomiestation tagged me for a meme, 5 Sordid facts.
Okay, last things first. One of the most evil parts of these things is, once tagged, we get to tag 5 other people who have to go through the same fun we do. Cool, eh?
First off, let’s bring in our good friend and colleague Chilebrown at Mad Meat Genius. Then and only then, Monkey Wrangler at sourdough monkey wrangler. If Doctor Jones was here, he’d be next. But alas, Dr. Five Pints is elsewhere. Jerry over at Cooking by the seat of my Pants! needs a little detour from the food network. Oh, Kevin of Seriously Good could use some of my good pestering, for sure. And because it’s always nice to be asked to play in someone else’s sandbox, I invite Shuna of Eggbeater. If you’d like to be tagged, axe or just take it upon yourself to do one too. Then yell at me in the comments so everyone can visit your playtime. Now, without further ado ..

  • I buy a pack of cigarettes each year in an attempt to start smoking. So
    far, in over 10 years, no luck.
  • Once a year or so, I’ll freak out and gut something. Such as a room, closet
    or area. Then, start over clean.
  • I let my dish sponge rest on its side so it dries quicker, it’s my nature.
  • I’m very proud of many things that I do and will mention it until you say,
    "Great job Biggles! Now go the F away."
  • My hobbies/jobs have all included computers & electronics since 1971 (when I took my first record player apart to remove the speaker so I could add them to another rig.) But I hate them all and would rather live on an apple farm and not be bothered.

Alright, so the sponge thing isn’t so sordid. But I wanted to mention it until I get praise.
xo, Biggles
Now, about that orange picture. A man with a handtruck loaded with bags of oranges knocked at my door. I bought 15 pounds worf, turned to juice. I condered doing something else with them, but I didn’t think they’d have much life left in them (plain jane Oranges) and it was mid-week. No time pally boy!

9 thoughts on “A meme! 5 Sordid Facts about Dr. Biggles.

  1. Hah on the dish sponge. Sounds like something in Hints from Heloise.
    But now, what about those cigarettes? That’s one of the craziest things I ever heard.
    Don’t let Cookie know you got oranges from some other citrus farmer.

  2. Yeah, what about those commercial oranges? I gave mine away free.
    If you got any left, be sure to zest them for something or other. Delicious; it’s my favorite flavor of the season.
    You sordid beast. Yay about the sponge, Biggles.