Catahoula Coffee Roasters – Richmond, California

Yeah, you heard it right folks. Richmond has its very own coffee roaster and place to drink said coffee beverages. I’m impressed and very thankful that Timber decided to pick our fine city for his place of business. Come inside for some pretty pictures, sorry I don’t have any aromas for you!

I think it was back in early 2006 I noticed someone had nice painted lettering on the front window that read, “Catahoula Coffee Roaster” or something like that. I ran home and googled it and came up with a after-burner exhaust roaster thingy permit that was applied for back in 2004. So, like it’s two years later, what’s up mang?
Time Marches On.

And then, one day, I noticed a little red choo choo in the window!

Turns out it wasn’t a choo choo, ah well. Looks like one though. Things were moving, things where changing. Lights were up, counters were getting put in to place. Some day, some day my friend, we’d have beans!

And then, it all fell in to place and the doors were open. This was a few months ago and I see cars and people regularly parked and enjoying a cuppa. It’s really nice to have him here, the neighborhood is a far nicer place to live in.
I’m no expert on coffee, I’m more of a meat guy. So, you’ll really need to stop in yourself to take in the absolutely gorgeous view that is Catahoula Coffee Company & Roastery.

And if you absolutely need another excuse other than freshly roasted coffees, this coming Saturday, March 01, 2008 (10am to 12 noon) stop by for a cup and enjoy a local Jazz Trio. Wahoo!
Catahoula Coffee
12472 San Pablo Avenue
Richmond, CA 94805
(510) 235-0525

9 thoughts on “Catahoula Coffee Roasters – Richmond, California

  1. Are you serious! Richmond has its own “coffee and roastery place!”
    WOW! Somethin’s goin’ on that the rest of us don’t know! Upscale Richmond! Way to go, Biggs!

  2. Wow !!! Jazz Trio? Ms.Goofy and I are there. Should we stop by the Meathenge Lab for Shiltz before? Well that is a little early. Serious we are going.

  3. Wow, great to hear there’s a local roaster! I’m there! We have Starbucks here in part of Richmond but the coffee is, well, Starbucks…

  4. Thanks for stopping by….sorry one of the memebers of the trio was sick. But we’ll do it again soon. Maybe at some point this up the grills get some cookin’ in…..We can roast coffee and get on the roof to roast hotdogs from the exhaust of the afterburner!!

  5. Alas, there was no jazz on Saturday, but there was coffee. I bought a pound, brought it home to the family, and ended up giving it away an hour later to a jealous coffee hound who’d come over to watch us brew beer. He’s heard tell of it in local coffee blogs.
    Who knew?

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