San Francisco Knife Skills Class: February 17, 2008

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My friend and yours, Shuna Lydon, is at long last offering up one of her famous knife skills classes, yay! They don’t come along frequently, so you really should check your calendar and make some room.
“Oh Biggles, I don’t cut myself too often and some of my food comes out just fine, thank you. I don’t want to spend the money or time on some class, boring!”
Wrongo pally, if you only do a little cutting in the kitchen, this will forward you with inspiration to do more, to be more. If you have mad skills in the knifey arena, you can hone in and improve. How awesome would it be to spend a little extra time to supreme that citrus for your special someone? To loll that clean, fresh and bright segment in your mouth without the pith is something everyone should experience. Besides, this isn’t just any skills class. Shuna is exceptionally knowledgeable, concise and there for each and every one of you. If you’re not getting the angle of your steel and blade just right, she can work you through it. She has the time, the care and skill set to carry you through. Besides, she has years worth of professional kitchen stories to share, ain’t that cool?
These don’t come along often, make the time. It’s coming up soon, so don’t delay. Go now and sign up for:
Shuna’s SF Knife Skills Class: February 17, 2008.
Sunday February 17, 2008
What Time?
12 noon- 2:30 pm, give or take 10 minutes
San Francisco, Financial District {exact location disclosed to registered students only}
How Much?
$75 by Paypal, $70 by check
xo, Biggles
ps – I’ve taken 2 of her classes and hosted 1. So there, nyah! I’m better than you …

3 thoughts on “San Francisco Knife Skills Class: February 17, 2008

  1. Just wondering if you have any upcoming classes available? Thank you. Amanda