Sat about, attempting to come up with a quippy something or other. I double-dog, no triple-dog dare you to give some words. Here’s what Tiny E and I witnessed coming back from Pup Hut.
All I have to say is get your lazy ass out the door at sunrise and sunset, you’ll be happy you did.
ps – As you see it, is as it came out of the camera. I did nothing other than push a button.

5 thoughts on “?

  1. Biggs! As Joanie Mitchell said a long time ago, “Clouds…! What I want to see is pics of Tiny E and ZACH, my main man! So, get on it, pal, and give us some updates of those two guys! HUGS!

  2. Biggles, I was out there communing with the sky and the clouds and YOU, too, this evening! My pictures are gorgeous, too, although maybe not quite as lovely as yours!

  3. Actually, Tiny E did mention something about the clouds looking like mashed potatoes.
    Just in case anyone is wondering, what you see is what came out of the camera. No color changes, no jacking the contrast, no sharpening. BAM, just like that.

  4. Tiny E is lucky to have a daddy who is there when the sun comes up and goes down, one who (by example) teaches him important stuff.
    I wasn’t outside but I did watch that sunset last evening through my living room window; I caught it behind a huge old heritage oak tree on the corner of my street, a favorite view.