Meathenge Labs travels to Monterey

Admittedly, I don’t have any food prose for today. But the photographs came out so nicely, I wanted to share them with anyone that might be interested. And yes, had a wonderful time with friends. We spent our time talking about old times (1985 roomates), relaxing and eating Fatted Calf faire. Luckily enough Jeffrey lives in Calistoga and stopped by Oxbow on his way down.
xo, Biggles
ps – If you click on images you should receive a far larger one in return.

All sea images were taken at Pt. Lobos State Park (home of Weston Beach).
Okay, first off the reason these images have so much contrast and rich colors is the circular polarizer I used. All images were in broad daylight, and I know you know what scenics look like at high-noon. Yeah, flat and washed out.
And I’m not sure whether the above image is ‘worth’ posting or not, so I did. Sure the water is absolutely the best ever. But the rocks are gone! Talk about contrast, sheesh.

Uh, the ocean is right out there, see?

If you look to your lower left-hand corner, 1″ up and 1″ in, the peppercorn is a sealion! ROWR !!!

Another shot of the ocean, yawn.

OoOo, Doves! Here we find ourselves back at Seaside in Ft. Ord. Jack & Chris have a flock they tend to day to day, neat eh?

And come to think of it, the last two shots I didn’t use a polarizer, the lens is much larger and don’t have one that size. Nikon wants 110 dollars for it and I thought, “Yeah, maybe some other time, eh.”
Do you know how tough it is to gauge mid-peck on a dove? Yeah, about that hard.
So, for about a 4 hour roundtrip, I had an absolutely amazing time and hope to do it again soon.

9 thoughts on “Meathenge Labs travels to Monterey

  1. Pretty shots until that one with the “rats with wings.” 😉 Actually that was pretty as well if one is willing to ignore the “ugly” subjects.

  2. Love Point Lobos – it is always a thrill. And, you’re right, my daytime pictures are always washed out as I don’t have/use/bother with a polarizer. Too lazy.

  3. Hi everyone!
    Zoomie, next time try taking some non-prescription sunglasses and put them over the lens and see how that works out. Yeah!

  4. here i am enjoying my lunch, leftover thai chicken dipped in peanut butter, your photos, and everyone’s comments. A fine excursion!

  5. Damn. Glad you had such a lovely time.
    Why is it that I don’t live in California? You do know it’s March, right?