I got pork, I got chop, I got gravy. It’s a Richmond thing.

Been spending more and more time at Joya de Ceren market, it’s close, it’s happy. Plus, when shopping for dinner, I really have to work at spending over 10 bux for everything I need. Crazy, huh? I made my way back to the meat counter and had planned on their marinated meat action, always good. But noticed these crazy little center cut pork chops. They had fat and most importantly, they had plenty of bone in there (best flavors to gnaw on). So, I had Omar toss in 4 of those, just in case.

I’m going to step out on a limb here and say I think I’ve found my new home. Check out the blood coming from these rigs. This isn’t all, the bag leaked in the fridge and had to put in a bowl, in the fridge. Juicy!


Install to hot, smoking cast iron and cook till tender, use bacon press to keep them from curling (cooks evener too). Pull and let rest while you make sauce, MmMmM sauce. Add a few pats of butter to the empty pan, enough corn starch to make a loose slurry. Install chicken broth to loosen a bit and simmer to happy consistency. Salt & pepper to taste, eat.

ps – Here was Monday’s roast beef dinner!

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7 thoughts on “I got pork, I got chop, I got gravy. It’s a Richmond thing.

  1. Mmmmm. Gravy. I think I’m going to have to check out this new soul food place that’s on the Oakland/San Leandro border when I get my hair done Friday night. Allegedly they smother stuff there.

  2. A friend introduced me recently to a meat market in the Dominican section of Providence that sounds a lot like your market. Great cuts of meal, super cheap prices, butchers who know what they’re doing. I love going there!

  3. you are the master of meat. That cutting board has a few miles on it. I’m thinking about chucking all the plastic and going back to wood.

  4. Hey Dagny,
    Lordy, I haven’t been down to SL in years. But yes, you should, absolutely.
    Yeah, See. These places can be found, but it takes a little time and some effort. Is it worth it? Oh lordy yes.
    Hey Greg,
    Oh man, this is just the tip of the ice cube. I have about a dozen boards leaning up against the wall (this is one), and a home made butcher block table next to the stove. All need, no really, NEED to be sanded down and oiled nicely. Ya know?
    xo, to all

  5. Dr. Biggles, I never made gravy with cornstarch. When i use flour i just sprinkle it right into the pan over the butter and meat drippings to make a roux. Do you use cornstarch the same way? – BQ

  6. Hey Brooklyn,
    Yeah, same way. Or even better, dissolve in a little cold water first, then add. That’s actually how it’s supposed to be done so it doesn’t clump.
    But what it does is allow you to have clear gravy, instead of the standard flour and/or cream type gravy.