A Sunday Project – Refinish Wooden Cuttin’ Table

SundayProject001.jpgWood is so cool, I loves it. Your only limitation is your imagination and skill level. Which is why I didn’t build this one, Cousin Bob did way back in the day. The maple top is from an old portable dishwasher, they’ve got to plastic tops these days.
The problem? I last time I put a finish on it was over 10 years ago, probably closer to 15. Do you think sitting in the Meathenge Lab kitchens for those years it looks as it did when new? Ha! It really is quite nasty, if I do say so myself. So, today? Am going to yank the sucker, sand it and oil it back up. Yay for wood!
Will stop by later and give you the finished product.
xo, Biggles
ps – Updates available. Wish I knew how to format this !@#$% photographs so they behaved. Nope, they’re all over the place no matter what I tell them.

Holee crap, now I know why I didn’t attempt such a thing. It’s hard, it causes me effort. Effort is hard.
Tiny E and I got 4 sides done, but there are far more tops, sides and side of sides that need to be done. This Sunday project is moving to Monday ever so quickly.
I do have some nice stain though! Hang tight, it’s coming. xo, Biggles
UPDATE 5/26/2008 (next day):
It’s back in place, I actually had more time than I thought this morning.

9 thoughts on “A Sunday Project – Refinish Wooden Cuttin’ Table

  1. Hey Malena,
    That’s only about half or less. If you take a look up over the stove, it’s a new vent hood. When I installed that, my second knife rack had to come down. Need to find me more room!
    Right here! Got a lot of personal business to attend to, doing fine. xo.
    Ya know, wasn’t very thrilled about sharing that floor with everyone. I’d replace it, but they want money for that. Plus I’d have to move all my stuuuuuuff, and that’s not going to happen any time soon.
    I actually took a close-up shot of the grunge on the table, but chose not to post it. Shudder. No, it really needed this.

  2. Does one really need that many knives.
    …Wondering if I have been making my cooking life harder by just having a few…

  3. Need? No. They just follow me home. I find them at yard sales, thrift stores and friends give them to me. They hate them because they rust, who would want that? Me. Like wash them, dry them, put them back.
    Another reason I have so many is because I don’t know what I want until I use it, play with it for a while. I find faults and choose something a little different each time. I wind up with a few favorites and the others are for special times. Having that many knives when you’re really cooking, or are having a party is VERY helpful. I can always just reach right up and get what I need without searching or stopping to wash anything.

  4. Hmmm… I have two chef’s knives, 6 and 8 inch, a carving knife, a boning knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife, with which I have made do over the years, though wondering if I was working too hard and really needed others. What else do you recommend?