Happy Birthday Meathenge !!!


Photograph by Bart Nagel

Well, okay it was actually the 29th, Thursday. And since then, this is the first time I’ve had a usable moment to sit down, and pat myself on the back.
When I started Meathenge, I promised myself Meathenge would be me. No pretending to be someone or something I wasn’t. I knew if I spent my efforts on something that wasn’t in my veins, it’d be my undoing. While I admit to a few “shit posts” (diatribe, moving towards pointless), I think I’ve done exceptionally well over the years and am quite pleased with myself.
When Amanda was interviewing me for the article in the Chronicle she asked me what I wanted out of all this. “I want to meet people, make some friends and enjoy myself.” And in this, I have gone way past my expectations.
Take a moment, stand back and think how many food blogs can say they’ve been up and running for 5 years? Then compare that with how many food blogs exist today? I’m special, and handsome. I’m a leo, could you tell.
Meathenge is here to stay another 5 years! Hoist a cool, refreshing beverage in Meathenge’s honor this weekend.

29 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Meathenge !!!

  1. Sir Biggles,
    I and many of us have been with ya from the start. You never cease to amaze us with the variety, quality and content of both your images, writtings and passion for what is so much a part of you. Thank you for allowing us to venture into the land of Meathenge and all that you have to share!
    Big D
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Meatmeister…..you got this far so don’t go all corporate on us or get bought out by Hormel. Nice photo too. Tell Nagel he captured the real ‘henge attitude.

  3. 5 years? Wow! I remember back when you’d just send out email pictures of the lovely food you cook. Adding great stories to the pictures was a wonderful idea. Even what you call your “shit posts” are great. I’m a fan of your work. I even check it when I’m overseas.

  4. Holy Pork-a-munga!
    Henge, is that really YOU?! I didn’t see the Viking 100 man sailing ship you rode in on…you musta rowed during the quiet of the night under the GG Brdg!
    Well, 5 years is 5 years! You’re here to stay!
    Good Job Well Done and you didn’t take out any villages on the way!
    I raise my glass of Pinot Noir to you!

  5. Oh wow, my vision is all blurry from the kindness. I rolled in an hour ago from Half Moon Bay, photographed my first wedding. Was lucky enough to have been invited from a long time friend. And to arrive home to such a welcoming? I wasn’t expecting it, and it really gives me the warmies.
    Yar! Thankee mates, ain’t we the best?
    xo, Biggles

  6. Why, you don’t look a day over three!
    Kidding aside — congratulations on your birthday. I’m happy you still love to blog.

  7. happy birthday old man! you’ve been you all along and that’s what we all like – keep going!

  8. Wheee! Awesome picture!
    I’m a little late to the party here, but I’m wishing all of US out here in Readerland another five years of your warm, witty and wise prose. Oh, and bacon. We always want more bacon.
    Here’s to you!

  9. Professor Meat, let me just add my voice to the chorus of well wishers and add my ‘many, many more’ to the mix. Your blog (and your fine self) is always a joy.

    here Here for my handsome devil of a Meat Angel!
    I drank some homemade mint lemonade and i didn’t even know why.
    But now I do.
    Me, I am so very grateful and honored that you chose to be you through this incredible medium. And then I met you. And you pulled out a very big knife. And we smiled together. And I liked your freckles. And then you were giving me advice.
    It’s been good all around, I’d say.

  11. Master Biggles,
    Five years is a long time, Congrats.
    In that time you have learned how to up the comment quantity, post a scary photo large. Its working…….

  12. It’s past the weekend Doc, but I’ll hoist a tall frosty glass to you and the henge anyway. Congrats on bein’ around so long. I know that I for one am glad to have met you.

  13. Holy guacamole, you look like a bloody serial killer. It’s the Transitions lenses; I have them on my bifocals that I need for sitting in the back of classes and (I’m officially old) reading. AND for going to baseball games and being able to read the small print on the big scoreboards. I used them for that task just yesterday.
    I still have that bobblehead obtained from the first A’s game we went to with your Ma. Hell, it was probably your first game too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Always addicted to baseball and finger lickin’ food,

  14. Ha! That’s Norwegian Axe Murderer, just so you know. And, no transitions here, thems real sunglasses, prescription that is.
    Thanks again for all the cheers, and as soon as I can find some inspiration and … words, I’ll be here. I think I have Meater’s Block?
    xo, Biggles

  15. Doc, keep up the GOOD work. Your pics are superb and your prose is both insightful and witty. And God, you’re a handsome devil. Also…love the comments over here. “You look like a Raider Fan” and “Holy Pork-a-munga!” Ya know, I was thinking Holy Pork-a-munga, myself. Chandler

  16. Congrats and keep up the GREAT work! Your blog is always unique, interesting and fun, with an edgy “kick.” I’ll toast your wit with a frosty beer tonight or tomorrow, for sure.

  17. You will soon go in to Archive and disappear in to the Raider’s Black Hole. See what happens when you become a BadAss!

  18. Hang in there Bro! I have two suggestions. They are only temporary fixes, but they work for me. 1. Go on a Meat Adventure. 2. Fire Up the Grill. I hope this will work. Good Luck,You have a lot of people pulling for you.

  19. I was seachering for a good deal on la caja china and saw you where located in sfo area ,do you still by chance have it and are you willing to sell if so for how much I live in pittsburg please let me know thank you

  20. Hi Amalia,
    I don’t, sorry. I sold it probably 2 or 3 years ago, got nearly what I paid for it too. I had to deliver it to Vacaville, but turned out to be a nice drive and it got a good home.

  21. Happy Birthday, Meathenge. By diatribe, I hope you don’t mean the stuff that makes me laugh until I snort. That shouldn’t change one bit! OMG my life would be less rich if I hadn’t read your post about Cooks.

  22. Hey Mrs.,
    Thank you! Man, you should have heard me a week later. They sent me another one! A different one. It made me spew harder than the last, know why? It had the same damned main article! Lame.