Monterey – I’m going, bye!

Yup, as we speak the wagon is getting loaded up and the cooler packed. There’s a dozen El Salvadorean chorizos in there, a pork loin roast (Thanks CB!) and a dozen 1″ thick pork chops. I needs muh snacks!
bye bye
dot dot dot, we’re baaack! Well, okay we got back yesterday about 11am. I went through some of the images I took and thought I’d share.
Here you can see Z, waaaay up on the top of the dune there. The boys spent several hours climbing up and down these dunes. This was the largest and Tiny E decided that maybe when he was older he’d attempt it. Just so you know, the right side of the dune is far less aggressive and not so scary.
And yes, the aquarium is awesome. Changed a lot over the years though, they have penguins now. When I visited years ago they were showcasing Monterey Bay marine life only, now it’s all over the map. And they’ve added 9 million activities for kids. So, obviously it’s packed with tons of families enjoying themselves. This isn’t necessarilly a bad thing, but damned those strollers are evil. I counted at least 3 gift shops and 1 of which is about the size of a large market. Ahhh, the mighty dollar wins again. Go during the week, not on the weekends.
xo, Biggles

9 thoughts on “Monterey – I’m going, bye!

  1. Wahooo !!! Great trip, everything perfect. Visited the aquarium, sand dunes, and had the best pork roast ever. Will most certainly be doing more of this in the future.

  2. Glad you had the breakaway trip. Eating pork sounds much better than dining on fish just after visiting the aquarium — which is as counterintuitive to me as the Mother’s Day Chicken BBQ at Audubon Ranch!
    Did you cook on the beach? In a campground? On a motel balcony? Do tell.

  3. Kudzu,
    Hi Dave!
    Oh yeah, um, well it’s kinda cool. See, back in ’85 I lived with a bunch of guys and one of which now lives with his new bride on Ft. Ord. So, we stayed and hung out all weekend. Man, it was AWESOME.
    I think the highlight of the trip was playing on the dunes, yes.

  4. Dude, you were in my old neck of the woods. My family still lives in Watsonville…you should have stopped by to have my Mom make you the best chile verde in the world.