Dawn of another 100 degree day – Yay?

No yay. Anti-yay. Last year it never got over 80 here in Richmond. My outdoor kitchen area topped out at 102 around 4pm. At 5:25? The kitchen was 94, what’s up with that? Yeah, okay I’m a weenie. But I don’t need yet another reason to sit like a lump on the sofa, watching M*A*S*H and pissing vinegar about everything and everyone around me.
Pure & simple, this heat is just plain ol’ communism.

7 thoughts on “Dawn of another 100 degree day – Yay?

  1. Master Biggles,
    Drought, water restrictions and searing heat….. Florida is right there with you. Sadly, the weanie part increases with years passing, not that your old or anything, but none of us is 16 anymore. Im just learning to do things differantly, mostly in the hours of darkness.
    We’re out of water here, have been for years. The desicion to continue to destroy our groundwater permanantly was made by the water ‘managers’, along with a committment to developers to never restrict future growth has cinched the noose on our springs and rivers. So, yeah, saving water is important at $1 a glass, but as far as saving water to save the state, thats a joke here. They will just alocate it to the next wave of Yankees they allow to build here.
    Im useing MY water as I see fit, before they give it away to some newcomer. So, lying under a sprinkler, hammock in the shade, with my shallow well pump running, to hell with them all……. Let em drink reclaimed wastewater.

  2. And I thought I was the worst whiner about this hot spell! I’m not cut out for all the dry heat — 100 on my (shaded) back deck in late afternoon yesterday, beginning to climb today…..Am going to a movie, just to have some cooler place to be, even though all the films I wanted to see this month have moved on….Worst of all is total lack of appetite or interest in anything foodish….Am told it will break by tomorrow, this current heat wave, but I’m not betting on it….Do you have to move from one side of your house to the other as I do, while the sun moves over it???

  3. Hey Salvage,
    Well, you hit the head of the nail. Zach also said in my last water post that us residents are only responsible for 20% of the usage, the rest is commercial. And, the same goes in here. There are many areas that are already beyond capacity for water & sewage. But that doesn’t stop the city from inviting/approving new homes going in on an already suffering system. Not to mention the avenues coming and going from such areas. It’s already bumper to bumper and we’re getting how many new homes? Sigh.
    My water conservation has taken a hit over the last week, had to water my grapefruit tree and do some cleaning. Ah well.
    Ya know, this house is the darndest thing. I get sun on the north, east side in the morning, even a tad on the south. As the day wears on, it’s the south and west side that get hit. I’ve never lived in a place situated as this one is.
    Hi Cookie!
    Absolutely, there’s nothing a good smoke can’t handle.

  4. We resorted to the movie theatre to escape the heat – Indiana Jones – and enjoyed that. Just an idea to get you through the next heat wave, whenever it comes!

  5. OK so I was in Boston last week when it was in the high 90’s, with humidity in the 75%+ range. Then I came home to Cali just in time to get this. Maybe a little hotter, a lot drier, and it sorta cooled off a bit at night. All in all I like this better.

  6. What was that stuff up in the sky this morning? Man, the last two nights sure felt nice with that cool air wafting through the windows, but nature’s A/C this morning was soooo welcome. I didn’t even complain when it took until about 1 for the sun to come out!
    We spent most Saturday afternoon seeing Mongol. Pretty awesome flick, though probably not for kiddies under 10 or so because of the battle scenes. Worth a trip to the matinee during the next heat wave (and you know there WILL be one).