It’s hot – A Meathenge Labs Technical Letter

Um, we’re in the middle of some kind of summer thing, heat. Oh sure, we’re near the bay (a little cooler) and the inland areas are shooting upwards of 109. But our fog is gone since last week and there hasn’t been our usual wind storm in the afternoons either. This means we just sit and bake. We don’t usually get our warm days and evenings until October, and it’s mild even then. Nope, I just checked the thermo meter at about 4pm and it’s 86!
Dude, I’m totally sweating. Just sitting here, sweating. I don’t get it and I don’t like it.
What does one do in such desperation? Cut the legs off yer jeans. Problem solved. This is a Meathenge Approved Tech Note and I approved it personally.
ps – Yeah, I have 4 pairs of speakers in the living room. There’s 5 more pairs on the property. And yes, Spongebob Squarepants is also Meathenge Approved.

11 thoughts on “It’s hot – A Meathenge Labs Technical Letter

  1. It’s a hundred degrees over here across the Bay.
    We’re hiding out with Budweisers.
    My legs are too skinny for cut-offs.
    Hay! Zoomie has an abundance of peaches, if you’d like to play the gentleman and take some off her hands. Er, tree.

  2. I am down with the cutoffs. But I cannot abide that Spongepants fella and I think they should make targets outta him. Shoot him all day with every weapon available. That aint my thermometer talking, even though it is 10degrees hotter up here. I despise him in all weathers. Rant rant cranky rant.

  3. Biggles likes to flex his leg and pretend his calf is something he is about to smoke. haha! It’s supposed to be 111 up here tomorrow. I may as well just throw the meatage in the smoker and the chips will smolder away by themselves.

  4. It’s hot here, too, but we have found that going to the movies is a good tactic for staying cool – Cookiecrumb and Cranky did that yesterday afternoon (stopped by for a peach/pear swap on their way) and My Beloved and I went in the evening out of desperation. Take the boys to see Wall-E and be cool, I mean stay cool – you already are cool with all those speakers! Want some peaches?

  5. Ha! Jeans? Even cutoffs? It has been too hot for those in sort-of-westerly Marin. So I close all the shutters against the hot light, take off all but the necessaries, and turn on the floor fans (which remind me of lying on my grandmother’s floor on soft quilts in front of her fans for afternoon naps).
    Spongebob may be preferable to what is on the screen this morning. Can American politics get much stranger?

  6. Sounds like y’all have taken our summer weather. We’ve been pretty nice and temperate up here in da Twin Cities this year–only used the AC two days so far. Usually we’re breathing water and ‘skeeters and I’ve contemplated suicide 46 times by the time September rolls around.
    Thanks to you guys for taking it away. Keep it if you like.

  7. I’m rather enjoying the Indian summer. Well, except for being stuck in an office. I’m even thinking about putting on my jean shorts this weekend.

  8. Hot in the San Fernando Valley, but we’re used to it. Been filling pools so my future duck dinners can swim:) Building coops for my chickens till I ran out of sweat. Now drinkin’ a beer and looking at nice legs in cutoffs. Usually I’m jealous of you being cool and me not, but today, not so much.

  9. Hey Everbody!
    Thank you so much for stopping by for my little “shit-post”, it’s nice. Speaking of nice, the hot weather subsided. Today, it’s about 68, sunny with a cool breeze from the bay. Yay!
    Um, ya know, it’s funny you mention that. I considered it. But I have some somewhat decent cloth shears and used those instead. And I have to say, after 30+ years of making my own cutoffs, this pair gave me the most trouble. One leg was 2″ longer than the other, then the front to back ratio was off. Several times. Sigh.
    Oh man, now I’m jealous of you and thank you for the comment. What kind of chickies you coopin’?