Squeezing Summer for all it’s worth

Where or where is our little meat henge, where or where could it be?
Fishin’, bikin’, hikin’, eatin’, basically just goofing off and attempting to enjoy every last moment of summer. That’s where. See, for many of youse guys, summer is when it’s warm. For persons such as myself, summer ends when school starts, this would be next Tuesday.
The image to the right is Tiny E at Highland Lakes, 8600 feet up in the Sierra mountains off hwy 4. See? That’s what we’re up to!
Yay for us. See ya’ll later, bye!

4 thoughts on “Squeezing Summer for all it’s worth

  1. I’m envious… enjoy the time while you can. Two of mine are almost grown, and it seems like the times I missed always outnumber the times I was there. Tryin hard not to make that mistake w #3….