Testing thine softwares

Here’s the body, the first page you see. Lately, this has been overwritten by the Extended entry when I publish. What’s up with that?
I’m going to make a few changes here and see what happens.
Am now testing a little bit more, see what the scoop is, page 1

Here is my extended entry, this should not appear on page 1. But that’s what has been hapening and it’s making me crazy. Let’s see what this does.
Need to make a few changes here too, just in case.
OoOooo, let’s see what this does, page 2.

4 thoughts on “Testing thine softwares

  1. Thanks, looks good from here. But have lost 2 large posts in the last day due to the damned thing.
    At the moment, am thinking that it could very well be the browser. Opera, over the last year is getting more and more incompatible with nearly everything I do.
    Aw well.

  2. Have you ruled out a database issue? Tablespace filled up or some other ornery issue?
    I’m not a MySQL expert, but you do use some pretty large images, and depending on if you’re storing the image in the db, or just a link, that is a remotely possible culprit.
    Just thinkin out loud.

  3. Hey Jeff,
    Yeah, no. The images are just stored in a directory, no big deal. No, as it turns out, it’s a browser issue. I’ve been a registered user of Opera for many, many years. In the last year, it’s become nearly incompatible with most everything I do. I ain’t no expert either, but it has something to do with the way blogging software and many others deal with text, rtf er something. If I use Firefox, I have no problems, or IE even. Only in Opera. I have now officially removed Opera from all my machines, sucks because I had everything the way I liked it. Ah well.