5 thoughts on “Sunset in Richmond on August 5th 2008

  1. Hello Dr.,
    I am sorry to leave a comment on your Picture but I am kind of ignorant when it comes to blogs….I need HELP and serious help. I read carefully your la caja china odyssey. I was so enthralled with it that when I finished my Master’s degree my sister bought it for me.
    Now, I have only done shoulders in the Model 2 (the big boy) and now she has me doing a 100lb pig in it next month.
    One of my questions is what do I do if it does not fit in the box??…I know I can perform surgery on the piggy removing the head and feet at the joints, but will my hog burn if it is touching the sides??
    I am all set with the marinade and prep, but could you give me any advice whatsoever on the cooking..I was figuring if I started at 10:30 AM he pig would be ready to serve at 5:30 6 o’clock, factoring in the rest period of 30 minutes.
    Any advice would be nice,
    Andrew Sciannameo

  2. Hey Andrew,
    Not a problem. The direct link to the post you’re interested in is here:
    There’s nearly 200 comments there and you can post your question there to see if anyone can be of more help.
    Your idea of having to trim the piggy down is correct. If parts of the piggy are touching the box, it’ll impede the circulation of heat, this isn’t such a hot idea. Heh.
    I never got to the whole piggy, didn’t have enough money to buy it or friends to share it with. The box sure was fun though!
    This is all I have for you.

  3. That evening sky last night was something else. From where I sit, there was an enormous expanse of salmon pink on one side of the vista and clouds (clouds! in August!) piled up and over one another. Guess we can thank Edourd for that. It felt like it might rain a bit, and I wish it had. Thanks for the photo.