I do apologize

How much does it suck to have a blog’s post say something timely, and have that specific time (such as Friday) come and go by days?
A lot.
Which is why I’m posting this, it’s not fricken Friday anymore you bone! The boys and I visited good friends up in Calistoga this last weekend, great time. Here we have fresh corn over mesquite in a hole in the ground.
More to come …

11 thoughts on “I do apologize

  1. Let’s see… you were having fun with good friends and quality time with your sons so you didn’t get your blog post up on time…shameful behavior, Biggles. As atonement, you’ll have to smoke me some ribs!

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Thank you! Man, you should see the artsy fartsy shot I got while flying by a fruit orchard. Gonna get me a huge print to hang on the wall for sure.
    OH, okay!

  3. Hole in the ground. Da best!
    On Sunday Cranky cooked a paella (on the little Smokey Joe) directly over the hole you dug (and we filled in) in my yard. Got the scorched grass to prove it. Apparently heat does not go only up.

  4. This summer I discovered grilling corn on the cob out of the husk, and I will never cook them any other way again. The roasted, almost carmelized flavor is hands down the best way to eat corn.
    Thanks for the memory now that corn season is over!

  5. OK. Cranky placed a square sheet of metal on the grass (thin thing, from the hardware store; don’t even know what they sell it for). To prevent burning of the sod.
    But. The stupid Smokey Joe lives atop metal legs, and apparently the legs transmitted heat down to the square sheet of metal.
    And grass is fragile, poor baby. Sissy.
    So the sod toasted, in a square shape.