Playing with meat

Am I terribly busy? Yes. Am I cooking much? No, duh!
Sunday at noon on a fancy, bright, crisp November day found Biggles racing through the store so he could spend some quality time in the meat section. The powers that be tossed some money out and decided to remodel our local largish grocery store. Ya know, it’s funny where the money goes. You’d think they’d hire some people with brains in their heads, nope.
… oh no. I feel a rant coming on and it wasn’t planned. I started off with me in the meat department and just about flew in to a rage about the new doors. OH sure, they’re new and quiet and fast. But, you see, before, you could have 1 person leaving and 1 person arriving. The new door allows only 1 at a time through it. Oh, ghod and the flood of prepared foods! Holy crap! …
Gah, didn’t mean to do that. What I meant to say was that I’d finally, at last, found myself in the meat department. Was looking for some pork spares or loin ribs on sale, gotta pinch that penny baby. Nope, still 15 dollars for a rack of anything. But, for a 1.67 a pound the pork shoulder roasts were selling briskly. Mr. Butcher man said he’d refilled the bin 3 times already and it was only noon!
Yoink. Just like that, for the fun of it.
Raced home, kosher salted it and left it resting on the counter for an hour. Preheat oven to 300, bottom rack. Cast iron skillet with a trivet in the bottom. I think it was nearly 3 hours later when the roast got to 190 and I pulled the sucker.
The textures and flavors were excellent, very porky. It’s a good solid performer, that salt stuff. However, without the smoker, I was missing a dimension of something I wanted. This could easily be taken care of … with … oh something, GRAVY !!! Minced onion in the fat, add flour & stir, add chicken broth and simmer.
Toot toot, here comes the Beaver Valley Express, next stop? Gravy Town.
xo, Biggles

7 thoughts on “Playing with meat

  1. Kinda curious … what in the world are you doing in a grocery store? Given your penchant for all things meat, you strike me as someone who would have a good sized freezer (or two, or three) stocked with well-raised meat you bought in bulk. It’s economical, too, though I do realize it’s a big chunk o’ change up front. But in my experience, well worth it. And it gets you outta that hellhole.
    BTW, I go into the conventional grocery stores so infrequently that they often have rearranged everything or remodeled in between my visits. Of course, I can’t find anything without asking directions, let alone the 1 or 2 items on my shopping list.

  2. Anna,
    Yeah, you’d think. In the past I’ve done such things, you bet. But the deal is that cooking from a freezer requires forethought, I don’t have that. Part of that is being a single parent of an 8 and 13 year old boy, I need to be able to stick and move. Again, that’s tough to do with a hunk of frozen meat. And, because of the boys, I need stuff for school lunches, breakfasts and juices an junk. I don’t go often and use my local Latin markets when I can. Even visited the Fatted Calf store up in Napa this last Saturday, wait until you see that!
    If you wanna talk freezers, check out Chilebrown’s !!! Now that my good person, is a freezer from heaven.