Sunday Sunset – Ith pretty

Ya know, I took this Sunday evening, last night. Was kinda shocked it came out so crazy vivid, so decided to post it! I had some sort of little poem to delight, and then? AND THEN ??? My goddam internet connection died.
Oh man did that suck, I was quite displeased. I mean, what the hell good is a computer without an internet in it? So, all I have to share at this point is the stunning sunset grabbed with my old D200 with a 70-300 VR.
Happy bloody Monday,

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sunset – Ith pretty

  1. Hay,
    Nope, I rarely use photoshop for anything more than resizing, contrast, levels and that unsharpening mask. If the colors are off, I’ll flip it to b&w in the channel mixer (can adjust RGB while it’s b&w) and that’s pretty much it. I did use a circular polarizer though.

  2. Sirs,
    Inquiring minds want to know….. The vibration reduction (age compensator) was turned on for the slow speed? Or just to make up for not using the tripod?