12 thoughts on “Saturday Fires

  1. Hay,
    It’s certainly a military knife, that’s for sure. It’s razor sharp and use it in the kitchen every day.
    No gravy, just que sauce (the Bhut one you made!)
    They weren’t rare after I pulled them from the smoker, no sir.
    Sorry Zoomie, Z and I ate it all! Burp.

  2. I tried for two hours to email you the knife story, but it’s in an unmailable format (and it’s really long).
    It’s a story in the latest New Yorker (a food issue, mebbe you want to buy it; pub date Nov. 24).

  3. Hey Mike,
    Ya know, it’s been quite a whirlwind of different smoking wood these days. I use mesquite charcoal for heat, usually hickory for the smoky flavors. But lately have had a load of apple, alder and a few others I can’t remember. The most important point to notice is to keep your temperature even and cook the meat until it’s done. Looks nice, huh?
    Tasted even better.