hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Alright, so I knew I was going to be late in to work this morning because I had to wait for the phone guy. Tiny E showed up sick on Sunday and knew Monday would be at home, okay. Z and I got up and were ready to hit the road at 6:45 and I decided to clean my glasses, like I do every morning.
Ping! Why do I have my glasses in my left hand and a lens in my right?
Sigh, no driving for Biggles this dark and early morning. Fine, I’ll just cruise the net. No, the screen was a complete waist of time. Okay, I’ll just watch tv! No, even with a 36″ tube that didn’t work either. Dammit! See, I’m nearly legally blind in my left eye and my right isn’t much better, glasses bring me back to ‘normal’, at least my vision anyway. Do I have a spare? Sure, at work!
The sun came up and wore my prescription sunglasses to go get them, yay. No yay, the prescription is so old I’m nearly typing this by silhouettes of the letters. Grrrrr. And speaking of prescription, the phone number of the place where I buy my specs has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Phlesbsbsbsbsttt !
Mondays, right?
What didn’t suck? Last night’s supper, that’s what. I procured me a top sirloin beef steak from Ted the Rancher (Highland Hills Farm) at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Ted’s herd is the true organic, grass fed, heritage breed situation. Usually I find grass fed beef not to my liking, the grain does give a distinctive flavor that I adore.
Pulled it from the fridge Sunday, let it sit out for an hour with a kosher salt rub.
The cast iron griddle with grills up, super heated. Rub bacon fat all over steak.
Grill hard until done, a rare medium will do nicely, thank you very much. Wow, and double wow. I really have to admit Ted’s top sirloin was absolutely divine. I’m going to do this again soon, I can hardly wait. I apologize for any illnormal writings or editing of the pictures. I had to do it based upon feel and silhouettes, I can’t see worth a pinch of moon poo.

7 thoughts on “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

  1. Funny, I have that same grill/griddle yet I can’t recall using anything but the flat side. It is the SUPREME pancake device.
    I gots me other grill pans that have been used.

  2. Hey Greg,
    I find myself using it during the winter when it’s too darned cold and dark outside. I’d get a grill fry pan, but I don’t feel I use it enough to warrant a piece that doesn’t do double duty.
    You know what I’d really like to see? A chicken fryer with grills on the bottom. SOMETHING WITH SIDES FOR CRISSAKES !!! After cooking that steak I had to disassemble and clean my stove, mop the floor and clean the stove again! I suppose I need to get another one of those fancy Asian fold out fat screens.

  3. Bigguns,
    I’m kinda noticin’ there aint no cut up peices or scraps. Wasnt no picture taken once the cuttin commenced, eh?

  4. Hey Salvage,
    Funn you mention that. That’s always the piece of resistance for such items, people want to see how pink the innards are.
    One of the many downfalls of Meathenge is the fact that I’m not cooking to take pictures. I’m cooking for me and/or the 2 boys.
    I let the sucker rest for 10 minutes and cut myself a slice of the meat/fat. Popped in mouth. Literally, it was a blur after that. I ate my fill, served and whatever the boys didn’t eat (not a heck of a lot)I finished off. Within 15 minutes it was gone.
    See, one of my semi-new things is to not serve the meat traditionally. When I have a smoked meat party, the meat comes from the smoker and goes to the cutting boards for resting, slicing. Then, we all stand around at the large, outdoor butcher table and eat. Kosher salt is there, pepper is there, no plates. Plate are for salad or whatever, but the meat gets eaten from the board with fingers. People are kinda surprised at first, but within .5 seconds they get it. I suppose it could be referred as a little Romanesque. I love it.
    I was done with pictures and wanted to eat. And that’s all there was to that.
    xo, Biggles

  5. glasses!
    I had 12 ducks to squeeze into my already over occupied freezer. MY vision is better than average up tight, but fogged and mystified after 3-4 feet. I removed my glasses and placed them on the floor beside me, to better ken what was going on. Well, out tumbled a frozen 10 lb. corned beef and CRACKED! one of the lenses. Mortified and PISSED!… until….I found the only spare I had was from 2 prescriptions ago, and is the perfect correction for me when looking at my computer screen! Less corrected, more accurate… a gift from the hassle and chaotic bump gods!
    Never marry a woman who can’t make duck soup!

  6. Hey Mac,
    12 ducks? Dang, you should be able to make good soup, or at least practice!
    My glasses won’t arrive for another week or so, hopefully before xmas.

  7. Husband and son getting some wild hogs with bow and arrows. Lots of pork so far but would like to know how we would process our kill in order to get some bacon and salt pork. Need recipes to make them also. It is my understanding that you need to do more than skin the pig in order to get the meat needed for bacon etc.
    Thanks for any info