Meathenge featured on The Perfect Pantry

I can’t remember when I started reading Lydia’s The Perfect Pantry. It wasn’t too terribly long ago, I don’t think. Not only does she know what she’s talking about, able to lay it down well, but she’s fun. So many attempt to write well about what they know, but it’s no fun. I like fun, fun is good.
On a regular basis, she’s got this thing she does. Readers send in their pantries to share, I’m #45 in that game. I wasn’t going to participate because my pantry lacks pretty much everything. But what the heck, eh?
Here’s a direct link to Other People’s Pantries #45 featuring my wonderful pantry.

12 thoughts on “Meathenge featured on The Perfect Pantry

  1. Hey Half Cup,
    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I don’t mind going shopping during the week, especially to the little markets. In fact, just got back from the Berkeley Farmer’s Market. Found me a top sirloin steak from Ted the Rancher. He tends to his herds and sells! Their Scottish Highland and get to roam out in the fields, no kidding. It wasn’t cheap though, not by any standards. I can hardly wait!

  2. Tried sending this before…trying again.
    A horde of “pantry” jokes comes to mind! Thanks for sharing your pantry with everyone including the daisy exclamation for added spice!

  3. Biggles — Where does Ted ranch? I loved the Highland cattle I saw in Scotland (esp. really large ones on the Isle of Skye). They’re beautiful beasts. And you still haven’t said what’s in that little wooden cabinet.

  4. Hungry and paranoid. I hate that. I really hate that. I couldn’t even get hungry right; just paranoid.
    But I do have the blue box in my pantry. A couple of them, like you.

  5. Hey Kudzu,
    I checked the box, it’s got red zip-ties in it, sorry! And, Ted moves his herd around. When I met him, they were in Vacaville somewheres. I don’t know now.
    PM Princess,
    It didn’t used to!
    Yeah, see. I like Schlitz though!

  6. my real question is what’s up with the crocheted SEX thingy being in your kitchen.
    is it like a request board for the wife?
    for her b-day i got my wife a pillow that says “yes honey” on one side and “not tonight” on the other……I’ve only seen 1 side consistently….